Kiwanis Park June 6th START INFO!

Back again for more info. on what to do if you are planning on attending tomorrow’s practice (that is only if the weather cooperates–and it looks good so far!). Please read the following:

  1. RSVP via email to prior to tomorrow morning to help give me an idea on attendee numbers.
  2. CHECK THE LIZZZRRD.COM website or “lizzzrrd lounge studios” FACEBOOK page on the morning of practice. Confirmation is usually done by 6:30am on saturday. If you go to the website and hit the “FOLLOW” button, you will automatically be informed via email that an update has been made to the website (and Facebook will then be automatically updated as well by the website–so it’s just easiest to hit the “FOLLOW” button people!)
  3. Start time is 8:00AM (but we could run a little late for the first class with all of the craziness–so think 8:15a to 9:15a class duration).
  4. Bring a mat if you have one–or borrow and sterilize, as well as, any additional items you know you want such as blocks, straps, etc.
  6. Wear comfortable layers that you can easily move in. (pajamas work!)
  7. Cobble together what you know is the perfect face (nose/mouth) covering for you. You are free to take breaks and go to another area and remove the face covering if you need to, but just make sure that you away from folks. You must do whatever you must to take care of yourself!
  8. Bring hand sanitizer and anything else you feel will help to alleviate any anxiety.
  9. Waivers will go home with you and you can fill them out and bring them back to me when you come next. I do need them but do not want people to fiddle with pens that have been handled by many. So i need to have faith that forms will come back to me as they are necessary.
  10. GOOGLE bear repelling techniques so that you can be our fearless savior when needed. (what do you mean AM I KIDDING?!)
  11. When you come, think about what would make the most sense and create the least amount of congestion. Leave space (between vehicles) if possible when parking. You are are welcome to park in other areas of the park and trek up.
  12. Set-up of mats will be 6′ apart. A quick rule-of-thumb is that most mats are 6′ long. We would use the edge (without touching) of our neighbors mat as our beginning boundary and measure out. If you know the 3 courts and think about the merged courts of the back black and clay (in the back)–those can accommodate roughly 77 spots! BUT…we really don’t want to go that high. More than likely, 50 or less–thus the need to RSVP!!!
  13. We will leave a wide pathway for folks to walk out if needed, and any that want to practice in a more remote (the upper court) can do that as well. Acoustics could be a problem but we are good at the “monkey see, monkey do” game 🙂
  14. Social distancing at all times is key, and so I must again emphasize that we do not fraternize in the ways that we ordinarily would and have come to rely on, year-after-year. This will be so very difficult but it will help to assure and keep our friends and community members safe! That is the primary goal anyway.
  15. Be assured that there is no contact made by the teacher (me) in any way.
  16. REMEMBER, that you are free to come AND GO at any time you desire! There are no apologies necessary and no offense taken.

This saturday is our litmus test!!! we essentially are all working to come out of our rabid-home-dweller status, many of us so full of fears and anxieties we could choke–this is not going to be easy for many! So again, please do not feel that once you commit, you are locked in. if it does not feel safe at any time for you, please KNOW that you are absolutely welcome to retreat!!! There are absolutely no judgements happening. Those who can come are doing so to help themselves, as well as one another. There is no expectation ever, other than what we must do, to safely assemble. Many of us, including myself, are in high-risk categories. The decision to come is a personal one and it is…amendable. We’re tapping-in to holding hands with this tomorrow, without ever having touched. That is our goal. The pandemic is one thing, but what we have all had to be a witness to this past two weeks, is beyond comprehension and even more reason for some of us to be wanting to come. I know I am not the only one who cries myself to sleep knowing that I have seen another human needlessly leave this world in the most heinous way. So we find a way to come together and work to mend, and change, and love from the inside out…until we leave this ‘veil of tears’. Any questions…just email me but please don’t leave it for last minute!

So set your alarm clocks and be on standby for tomorrow’s forecast…reigning bears ;~)

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  1. Lizzy,

    I hope you and your family are doing well during this crazy time.

    I am so excited about the yoga practice being able to continue!

    I will have to miss tomorrow’s practice. I feel so bad about missing our first session. I am in the high risk group and I am worried about coming out.

    I had a new diagnosis this past year, in October for bladder cancer. Fortunately, it was caught early, but I am just finishing some treatments. I had a clean biopsy in May, but I have one more preventative treatment this week.

    I am so glad that you are taking great measures to protect everyone. That gives me encouragement that I will be able to return.

    Thank you so much for keeping in touch,



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    1. Elizabeth Hanulak Avatar
      Elizabeth Hanulak

      oh jody, this news is very hard. i am focusing on what you said about the bright side of early detection and your treatments just about to conclude. i do already keep you and so many in my prayers. when you feel that you can, then you come. your park family will be where you need them to be! big love, lizzie p.s. and don’t lose my number!!!

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