Kiwanis 2020 Yoga in the Park – UPDATE

I so do hope that this message finds you all well! Many have struggled over the months to stay well or recover from illness. It has been such a time of great distinctions. Deciding about what is really important, and how do we begin to value things we have never really given as much attention to, until now. With our lives so utterly leveraged, to be forced to slam on the breaks as every one of us has had to do, has been so much more than jarring and impactful–it has been excruciating. There have been so many who are not returning to us in this lifetime, but we do carry them still with us. They will not be far from us ever, despite the fact that others have moved on with their lives and once again, the ‘daily grind’ and distractions, find us. As always, the hope from me is that you all are managing as best you can. It is all any of us can do and the real trick is going to always be, how do we do it without harming others, but most importantly–ourselves.

Please watch the attached video which has been posted for public view on YouTube. I really didn’t want to do another electronic notification of email, etc. This to me really seemed the most earnest and I do so love that it feels like I REALLY AM looking at each one of you!! So with that drive, I hopped on my old Schwinn with my ageless self (there’s a nod to a sweet and ooooh so special yogi there), and away i went to the park!!! trailing ahead of the rain and hoping that no one was there was what helped fire up the pedals. it was my wish granted (!) and boy do those tennis courts have such a special place in my heart as soon as my feed do land on them! the winds were swift and the greenery found it’s way swiftly into my nostrils, and was it EVER sweet. It shall again be when it is right for us all to be as one and if you watch the video…you’ll get the details. I will be posting more information in a few days as it is imperative that there is more communiction as it will be necessary to RSVP for our saturdays. We have to create the model for distancing and covering this year. It will be a grand new exercise for us, and all part of the GRAND totality that is our daily ‘practice’!! the world is forever our stage and it is always how we approach it. So happy viewing and as always, be well dear yogis. The names I freely forget but the faces, never so…sat nam.

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  1. Good morning; I have never done yoga and am inquiring if your class would be appropriate for me.

    1. Elizabeth Hanulak Avatar
      Elizabeth Hanulak

      good morning, sandy. this is a very big question and the answer is usually yes!! if you want to get a better sense, review the 33 minute video i have posted on my youtube channel (just search lizzie hanulak). the shortest (as there are several others which also have a very attainable entry-level practice as they were done specifically for the new practitioner) is probably a nice practice to do today sometime to help you wind down. the practice we do has different level offerings and those who show up are from single digits to close to triple digits in age. feel free to email me if you need more in-depth conversation but i encourage other participants to respond to sandy if you care to, especially if you are entering in the capacity that she is. thank you for reaching out definitely ask any more questions you feel you need to! your questions are most often many others as well and are never insignificant or too ridiculous. wishing you the best and if it feels right, maybe we will see you at the park! 🙂

      1. Thanks for the info and I will watch the video and hope to be there on Saturday morning

      2. Elizabeth Hanulak Avatar
        Elizabeth Hanulak

        wonderful! 🙂

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