Kiwanis Park Update

Many of you have been redirected here by the Shaler Township site. The decision was made by both Tim Rogers and I agreeing about delaying the outdoor program to a tentative start date of Saturday, June 6th. The great hope is that more of the community has opened up by then, but only if it makes sense. Rushing is obviously a concern, and the news this week is very unsettling as we hear about all of the corners of our recovering nation trying to navigate our return to some sort of a more expansive, vital state of living.

What has been happening in my little corner of the world is that I have been coming online with teaching (live classes in zoom) and now I am going to discover streaming possibilities on Facebook. If you go to my youtube channel “lizzie hanulak”, there are some free videos. The newest one seems to be helpful (see below) to many I am hearing. Feel free to check it out yourselves and stay tuned for more updates. This week my task is to figure out coming online for our saturday morning live sessions. There will be newer video practices too that you can work on as well when you want to, again on the youtube channel.

So hunker down! There was an incident in my neighborhood that was absolutely apalling. Adults making really irresponsible choices and putting many in jeopardy. Let’s continue to practice social distancing, donning masks and caring for our community-at-large as we move out and about. We all need to come out of the woods together, as healthy and whole as possible!!! And maybe just send an email letting me know how you are. I have been thinking about so many of you sending prayers out. It would be good to know more definitively!! many hugs to you!!!

Happy practicing, yogis!

Please send feedback as well and help me improve these videos for you!

Hello and thank you for taking the time to offer feedback!

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