Kiwanis Park Update and PreBedtime Video

Please forgive the delay in details and video. The focus was trying to improve the audio as the feedback that came to me was mostly about this issue. I believe I have solved it now and hope that you all have improved listening ability. All viewer feedback is helpful and appreciated as the experience of teaching in this format is really lacking in a wide variety of ways. It is hard to say how much the heart aches to be within the proximity of real live community again…so now with that said…kiwanis park is on your mind probably!

I have had some communication with Tim Rogers the Shaler Township Director and he has given the go ahead on tentatively started our season as planned (dates were in the “In Shaler” newest edition that should have been received several weeks ago). If not, the link is here..

With social distancing practices and face coverings in place, Mr. Rogers (the OTHER Mr. Rogers!) has given his approval as long as I am comfortable with that. I am so far, and as I and so many others who attend are in the HIGH RISK category, we will proceed with great discernment still as to whether to converge. Right now, every day is new and we can have to expectation. Every effort will be made to do what is best for the public’s safety. I will continue if we can’t convene, to have weekly (if not more frequent) videos in lieu of ‘court time’. Be well and do keep in touch! This is surely hard on every one of us and the hope is that we are managing.

with love,


Hello and thank you for taking the time to offer feedback!

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