“Baby Bytes” & Pop-Ups

this is a duplicate message originally posted on my business Facebook (FB) page but since many do not frequent social media or even have a FB page, i am reposting here and disemminating via email.  my apologies if you are receiving notifications twice or more, i do not mean to bombard your phones/devices.  i just want to be sure that most are ‘in the know’ about this saturday’s class and some new things happening that may be helpful.  so here is the posting in it’s entirety fyi…

HELLO YOGI FRIENDS & FAMILY: some time has passed since your last outdoor session in the park here in shaler, pa but lots has been happening behind the scenes. i have finally gotten access to my very own private little yoga space and am now able to conduct private classes and instruction. i also continue to work in the community but right now, commercial studio teaching is not where my time & spirit will reside. because my teaching is really about working with folks who are in different places (physically, intellectually, emotionally) and stages of life with different experiences, many times, the general public studio space is not as conducive to THEIR flow of all things–healing, energy, safety, accpetance, etc. however, if you would like to contract teaching in your workplace/corporate environment, i do still provide that service depending on the location and logistics. please let me know if you are interested in any services by reaching out via the website (www.lizzzrrd.com) or contacting me at 412.407.3344 (text or call).

in the meantime, i needed to capitalize on the video benefits of coming into homes when convenient and invited. on monday, when we had our first snow, i was inspired FINALLY to pull the curtain aside and let you into the new space and witnessing my own difficulty getting a practice started–just because the sun comes up, does not mean that any part of us is able to rise OR shine. so here is a little snippet and i welcome any feedback (i do understand the audio is not so good, so that will be taken into consideration for future episodes). it’s not pretty or slick, it is an uncontrived moment in time that i felt ready to share considering my disdain of social media is GINORMOUS. there is no way i can stop teaching–only THE WAY i teach now, is very much on my terms and continues to be about how to come to a practice in a world that is not always amenable to providing the freedom and conditions to do so. looking cute and being a celebrity in the yoga world is about everything i detest so that is never a consideration. my goal and intent will always be to take your hand when you least expect that i have done it. there are far better videos with more appeal and instruction. again, my intent is not about capitalizing on a trend/market but to help you soften the world, your world, and it’s impact on you.

still, i continue to thank you all to working to support and encourage me as there has been a great deal of working to get back to many things. i live quietly and privately and my circles continue to get smaller, but the heart expands. the tincture of you is of your making; let no one steal the ingredients. this does keep me resolute.

and lastly, you are invited to a last GENTLE class indoors on saturday to punctuate the end of the 2019 park season; i think the term that many understand is a “pop-up” class! THIS SATURDAY (11/16/19) MORNING at 9:00am (through 10:15a), at the back entrance of 1406 mount royal boulevard (offices of Shawn McGill at Shawn McGill MSW Consulting LLC), a donation class will be offered ($10 suggestion if possible–i never suggest but this has a very important attached cause). a portion of the donations will go to help offset costs around this effort of the High School Social Worker….https://shaler.triblive.com/shaler-area-school-board-to-vo…/!!! Ms. Guido is truly one of the most amazing people and I am lucky enough to have had her help in navigating at the High School where my children were concerned (and with this was there when mine were). I am so happy to have stumbled upon this article and hope that we can help subsidize (if not completely cover) these costs!!! She does not have any idea, so maybe we can help surprise her! if you are interested and believe you will be there, please send me a little RSVP to lizzzrrdlounge@aol.com so that i can get a sense of how things will work space-wise. AFTER THE CLASS, i would like to invite whomever would like to tag along to Eat n’ Park for coffee and gathering. it’s a wonderful opportunity for us all to sit for an extended period of time to share & discover as we let go of another year.

please feel free to share this with others who you think could benefit from a little help and also think about those whom you are connected to who are shut-ins and hostages to their (life) conditions, these folks are a focus and it is my hope to reach them in some way and this is where videos are the best vehicle for this. let’s all keep working to find ways to drown in the light together.



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  1. Hello dear friend! It is wonderful to hear from you. Read the article and saw the video. Thank you very much for thinking of me. I so love outdoor yoga that I am not likely to join this Saturday though the space looks great! I would miss looking up at the clouds and the birds flying overhead and the movement of the trees and the pool below–nature. I continue with my weekly marathon (M-F) and have added calisthenics (M-F) to keep limber. All my best, Nadia

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    1. hello back 🙂 i do so understand. i look forward to seeing you soon. i will find you, yogi! sat nam.

  2. Thanks for sharing, think that is a great cause! Unfortunately I will not be able to attend, but please continue to share what your up to😊

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    1. hi diane, thanks so much for reading and so sorry you can’t make it. definitely will keep you posted and i so look forward to staying in touch and next year’s saturdays! 🤗❤️

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