kiwanis park saturday morning update

practice is on this morning. please bring something long in the strap/belt/scarf department. even some old tights or pantyhose will do! we are needing something long (think strap prop) to assist if necessary with some leg stretching.

just a few more sessions to go! i will update you on the remaining schedule in another post this weekend as many are wondering.

see you on the courts!


kiwanis park saturday morning update

as the mornings begin to get cooler and darker, our bodies will struggle more to get to practice. for those who are able to get there this morning, wear layers and have a bathtowel or small blanket/throw handy and even a little pillow/bolster is nice. savasana will be extended this morning and we might even have a little yoga nidra if it works.

see you on the courts.

kiwanis park saturday morning update

good morning, yogis. this morning i had expected to have class and wanted to surprise you all with word of 48 new tennis balls on hand–but alas one of my sons had his wisdom teeth removed yesterday and i have another important event to attend to which i would love to invite you all to and if you know anyone who is looking for a new house you can hit a bonanza at the same time! there is a yard sale and open house at 5618 mccandless avenue in stanton heights today from 8am to 3p. that is where i will be shuttling between so my apologies about having to cancel!

please enjoy yourselves and as always, take good care.

sat nam.