kiwanis park saturday morning update

a good solid morning with no rain. cool temps mean layer-up for sure and please bring a something long to use as a strap (if you have a yoga strap bring it please!) such as a belt (bathrobe belts work especially well) , long sleeve shirt, scarf, with stretch, long resistance bands, jumprope, etc. it would be nice to work on our hips and hamstrings a bit more deeply.

you want to be comfortable with the cool air so i emphasize, be sure not to skimp on comfort thinking you will be moving and will warm up. that isn’t always the case! self care starts the moment we open our eyes.

this week a lot of new folks have learned about the program. we welcome you and reinforce the idea that you can come any saturday and there is no obligation for commitment or for you to have any prior exposure/knowledge-base. all are welcome always.

see you on the courts for an 8am start!

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