Kiwanis Park Season Opener Update

good morning, community. the rain appears to be holding off and as long as that happens, we should be fine. the tennis courts have been able to dry out a good bit.

the reminder is given that this program is open to all. neighborhood is irrelevant and who you are, what you look like and who you love is irrelevant.

many know the “what to bring” protocol but for new folks, they are not so sure. here is the easy short list if you have not already looked through the archive messages or come via the route of direct linkage from the shaler township newsblast.

Do bring…

– a mat (beg, borrow or improvise!)

– drinking water (lukewarm is best)

– a beach/bath towel if you have it

– a long belt or stretchy scarf (surely you can’t have packed them away already!) 😉

– wear comfortable lose clothing or anything you feel you can move well in and not be distracted by other thoughts (AND DRESS IN LAYERS)

– if you have any yoga props such as blocks, etc bring them (we use belts/scarves to simulate the strap)

– a friend if you can wish!

– allow extra time if you are new to fill out a short waiver form

– parking is up in the hill and try and be careful as plant sale folks will be there early to set up (not usually the case otherwise)

see you there but not the 🐻!

– lizzie

2 responses to “Kiwanis Park Season Opener Update”

  1. So sorry to miss our first class in the park!
    I have a Bridal Shower to attend this morning. I hope to see you next week!

    I am thinking of you and wishing you a full recovery, you had quite a journey this year. And we are never the same after life’s valleys. I hope you know that you have a wonderful circle of friends that are here for you!!

    1. JODY!!!!! WE MISSED YOU!!!! i said i was going to check on you because we were concerned! we can all be relieved now🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️you were sorely missed for sure! thanks always for the live and support. today was especially poignant and i know you have that appreciation as well. there is no moment that does not matter and we must try not to never lose site of that. much love always.

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