kiwanis park saturday morning – UPDATE

i am needing rest this morning and have to cancel. please accept my apologies as we may be close to a season wrap. next saturday is cancelled too as all energies need to go to training leaving october 20th as probably the season end for the park. i will send a final update this week on this.

thank you for understanding as always.

2 responses to “kiwanis park saturday morning – UPDATE”

  1. Thank you Lizzie for the update!

    You always give us a wonderful practice in the park!!

    Take care and rest!


    1. thank you, jody! i am afraid i have to cancel tomorrow too. this training is quite intensive and i think with the cold and darkness so early–it makes sense. next saturday is the last saturday of the season if it works! posting the notice now. sorry i did not respond before. this brain forgot :-/.

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