And so we begin anew…

Hello again and welcome to our 6th year of yoga in the park at Kiwanis!!! Many of you are probably saying to yourself “REALLY?! WHO KNEW!” Well, we sort of did. And now, more and more are happily learning about the program which is free to all—meaning neighboring communities—that’s what the “ALL” part is about!!! INCLUSION 🙂

The intent of the program is about many things. I could go a longer route and tell you that right now i am sitting in the shaler library typing this out to you because it allows me to procrastinate even longer on the things i should have done a week ago. If i am TRULY honest, it might be more like 3 WEEKS!!! I also have piles of laundry that need to get to the laundromat which of course implies that there might be a mess at home, and again, it may be more about the plural versus the singular reference. That says nothing about the pets and the kids and the yard and all of the other things that need attention/tending…which brings us back to this rather lovely writing distraction of acquainting and reacquainting (with you). I am sure i am not in the singular where messy lives are concerned. everyone has their own private mess—of a life, of a house, of a job, a relationship…

We can all put on our masks and go about our business and no one would ever guess looking at us what we battle daily. That is the truth. And this is where we come back to the area of yoga…we all know what the truth does. It is the portal to our freedom. What we all work and struggle with is: ultimate balance and truth, and the process of learning to let go. It is up to us to allow that possibility for expansion and acceptance and refusal to let fear take the wheel. The intention behind the program at the park, aside from the physical conditioning, is to allow ourselves the space and time to see what lies within our hearts. We know what is in our minds–because that is where many of our obstacles originate; it is moving back to the idea that our truth may not be so complicated–simply hidden and quieted. our physical (asana) practice helps us to shake things loose and awaken. Together we move, we breath, we feel—WE LAUGH!!! All that will be asked of you is to release your ideas about anything. Create vastness. Starting in the mind…

So to the minds that are still running analytics and inquiries: what will you need? It is all answered in prior posts but for sake of ease—a mat (borrow, beg or buy), comfy layered clothes (it can be chilly), shoes are unnecessary unless they are keen’s (then i will keep them). Bring good hydration, do not eat a substantial meal for at least 2 hours prior. If you suffer from low-blood sugar and are thinking nothing is better at all…some healthy glucose like fruit or a little yogurt is good no less than an hour before. BRING A BIG DENSE TOWEL of some sort or a throw/shawl! We will use them. A BELT!! Ladies if you have a partner in your life and they are a male, usually the longer the belt is, the better!! A winter scarf works and WE KNOW you have not packed them away yet!!!! If you have aqua/water shoes (slip-ons), they can be nice to use. If you have socks with grippy bottoms, again, they are also helpful for those who like to have something on their feet. Foot phobias are real and i do understand. If you have an old round bolster pillow, they are SUPER DUPER!!! Any props you own, they are welcome! These things are used as aides. you don’t need to bring them all the first time and every time, but acquire them slowly. You do not need “yoga clothes” AT ALL!!!! When we are practicing, there is not one of us that holds on long to the idea that ‘someone is watching us’. We have abandoned you (sorry!) and created our own world on our mat. Our reality is a place of our making. The hardest part OF OUR PRACTICE is maintaining our vigil over our the conscious mind and running interference with the ego. it is a recalibration and seamless integration we are crafting. it is not a religion but more about your own music and hearing it once again.

If you have never taken a yoga class, you have not lost your validity one iota. Yoga (nowadays) is like autism. When you have taken one yoga class, you have met one variation of the practice. In the western world at this time, classes are often an amalgamation and though it often creates great frustration and consternation to the “purists”, it is still an introduction on some level.

it is important to stay tuned into social media the night before and especially the morning of, when we have inclement weather. usually, every saturday we are to convene, i post on this website by 7:30am and it automatically updates the Facebook (lizzzrrd lounge studios) page. you have to hit the “follow” button at (wordpress site) if you want to get an email notification that a new entry has been made to the site/Facebook. there have been on rare occasions an emergency cancellation. social media will indicate this. please check it!

lastly, come early especially since it is the new season. waivers take a little but of your time and must be completed. the shaler plant club’s sale is tomorrow at 9am but they set-up early meaning parking will be a little nutty.

we practice on the TENNIS COURTS! it sits above the pool and the road to get their circles the ballfied. please go slow and be mindful of pedestrians…and bears.


and lastly, i don’t capitalize. grammar nazis can berate me when you we meet.

peace out and here’s hoping tomorrow is our day!!! we sure don’t want a repeat of last year. i could probably say that again and again.

can’t wait to see all of you!!! there will be hugs :))))

good night and sorry this came so late. you will have mail in the morning and maybe sun too!

sweet dreams,


p.s. those pics are especially for donna…the glory after every storm. be safe all.

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  1. nancy martin Avatar
    nancy martin

    just got this (no internet at the homestead). Hope it was lovely. – your email was!

    1. miss you and hope we can get together for a ride or a hike soon! glad you enjoyed. sending love xoxo

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