kiwanis park & schoolhouse teaching saturday update

i am sorry to report that i have been battling illness all week and will not be able to teach any of my saturday classes.  therefore, kiwanis park will be cancelled this week.  please also keep it in your mind that this season, we are going through september.  i will be speaking to tim rogers about our sunday afternoon yoga and potluck gathering which will probably coincide with the last session’s timeframe.  that is the hope, to have some time where those who wish to gather and commune, will be able to do so.  there is such sadness when i have to leave so immediately after class and can’t get to share time with you after.

i will not be teaching at schoolhouse on saturday.  jamie demarco will be subbing for me and she is absolutely wonderful!  my hope is to be teaching on sunday…

please stay well and don’t push yourselves!



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    Take care Lizzie!

    Something is going around.

    We will see you next week!


    1. thank you, jody! finally feeling stronger. hoping we get our saturday morning session…it’s looking good so far!!! ;-)))

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