The Dawning of Our 2017 Kiwanis Park Yoga Program is Almost Here!!!!


Well…here we are with less than 3 days until Saturday, and what we ARE HOPING, will be a viable Opening Day!!!!  The forecast is not very positive–but we CAN BE!!  Keep praying yogis 😉

This week the announcement went onto the Shaler Library LED Community Announcement Board & other media and that has brought about new inquiries.  To answer basic questions you can reference the archive section here  but initially, no, you do not have to sign up.  The new season means new waiver completion, so it is important to get there are least 15 minutes early.   Some may remember that our opening day coincides with the Shaler Garden Club.  Their start time is 9am and ours is 8am.   What does this mean?!  It means that they get there early for set up–like 8am!!!!  So we all need to get our cotton-tails on premises perhaps even at 7:30a.  If cancellation occurs, it is usually announced by 7:30am the latest.  So saturday could be challenging for us all that day!!!!   Let’s hope no one makes the news for any more viral videos on bad behavior–we’ll leave that to the politicians and airlines, shall we?! 🤓

So back to our basic information reveal…dress in comfy layers.  Bring a mat or borrow one; bring a dense beach or bath towel; water (hydration preference of your choice) AND  bear spray.  Shoes and socks are usually unimportant as we strip those things down.  Sometimes swimming grippy shoes can be a great solution too in finding comfort, warmth and ability.  Try not to wear fragrance as it will attract bugs and can be hard on your yogi neighbors.  My guess is you are still wondering about the bear spray…YES?!  THAAAAT was just to see if you were paying attention and my little way of saying “try not to take this all so seriously!”  It’s all about joyful discovery.

I want to end with another ‘thank you’ to the Township Municipal Director Tim Rogers who has supported this program since it’s inception.  Sherry Martin is also spectacular in helping to coordinate all of the details year-after-year.  So when you stop off for any reason at the municipal building, you might stop in and give a “low five” to sherry & tim cuz’–your a yogi now and you can fold!!!  High fives are so passé! 😝

So welcome to almost year FOUR!!!!  All are welcome into this program.  The township frowns on walls and prefers to build BRIDGES!!!  Did you see what i did there?!  Your taxes didn’t go up either with this program…it is free to the township and you.  You are are valued as part of this community.  Bond and bind, folks!



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