Just Checking-In! (New classes starting tonight)

Hello folks,

It has been quite some time since I have posted anything.  Many of you who know me well, know that I abhore this modern world of technology.  I am a fringe dweller and really do resist in most ways staying closely associated with my phone and computer.  Do I enjoy looking at the photos on Instragram almost daily–yes, i do!  So, clearly I am a moderate hypocrit 😉  Most of what I ‘follow’ are remote and beautiful places, animal kingdoms and the amazingly gifted photojournalists who are responsible for these images.  The less I know about the photo, the better.  Our minds are all too adept at creating the most beautiful and extraodinary of stories, and the most horrifying–without one word to indicate this.  That is how magical and destructive our thoughts are!  We are all connected that way, working to overcome the destructive and healing powers of our own private & PUBLIC (nod to the POTUS) thoughts.

2016 was one of the most powerful years on record.  Do i really need to state WHY?!  Again, I’ll leave that to your own mind to construct :). As we are almost a quarter into 2017, the residue of 2016 lingers in so many ways.  The “we” that WE ARE, must continue to let go of our sometimes continual state of anger and disappointment with all things in our lives that have turned out–not as we had hoped, or planned.  Why do we continue to project and expect?!  Because it is something so often we have learned from a young age and it is a natural tendency;  nurture and nature!  It is in our nature to look beyond and IMAGINE!  our phrophecy, our destiny, our demise…it’s all swirling around there in your unrelenting gray matter!!!  I will connect that idea and personalize this by sharing that much of my own 2016 and 2017 has been spent retraining and really coralling much of these old negative thought patterns and also working to heal two concurrent concussions and cases of whiplash.  It has been an emotional and physical rollercoaster.  I have nothing to complain about though because all of us know that there are battles and challenges that far too many in this world are valiantly working to conquer.  Complaining less and really seeing the big picture once we pull the curtain of thoughts and ego to the side–only then can we really be present for ourselves and others.  None of it is easy and often times, there are people around us who model and reinforce certain behaviors in our lives that are not always conducive to our overall mental, emotional and physical health.  This is why a practice of anything that brings you peace and connection (to your true self), is more important than ever.  For many who have discovered the “asana” yoga practice, this is your direct link but not necessarily your ONLY link.  For others, they have discovered their “zen” or “yoga” through another method.  It does not make it wrong or any less powerful.  If you believe that you don’t know what is best for you, then your battle is even more gargantuan.  Knowledge and wisdom are not the same.

Enough ramblings and more to the imporant parts of why I came on today.  I start teaching at a new holistic center today and here is the addition of more information!

~ New Saturday Gentle class @ Schoolhouse Yoga (N. Hills) studio added from 2p – 3:15p.

~ Additional classes at new Holistic Center in Aspinwall next to Randita’s!

Follow link >>>>>>>>  Greenheiressholistichealth.com

Tuesday: 9:30a – 10:30a Gentle Beginnings

Thursday: 4:30p – 5:30p Gentle & 6:00p – 7:00p Radiate Lab


~ Kiwanis Park Yoga for 2017 Schedule has been finalized and will start on SATURDAY, MAY 6th!!!  (Always the first saturday in May)  Keep your eyes peeled for the schedule coming out in the “InSHALER” magazine.  I will also post here soon since many don’t get it.  You can immigrate to shaler from anywhere for yoga and you will not be turned away! 😉  a little humor to release those sharp corners.

And in closing, as I sit here working on getting my taxes prepared to be PREPARED–I hope we collectively let 2017 be less about feeding our own egos and phsycodramas and more about being awake to others without comparisons or judgements.  Cliff note version:  think less, love more.  It’s that easy!

peace out, yogis.



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