Kiwanis 2016 Season is a Wrap!

Well, here we are again with a rain out and Shaler Areas’ Homecoming weekend.  With the hopes that tomorrow’s park session would be our last, it does not see that we will get the chance.   As fate would have it, I am struggling with a serious injury and need to lighten up my teaching schedule until i have recovered.  I am still teaching, just nixing my sunday classes for the next two weekends at Schoolhouse.  I will still be doing the gentle in the North Hills and Squirrel Hill studios.

I want to thank all who took the time to come and practice at the park.  So many of you recruited friends and family to tag-a-long.  A great wealth of thanks to you all for contributing more than you could ever know.  And speaking of contributions, your monetary donations are vital in helping fuel teaching endeavors and making ends meet as a yoga teacher.  Your generosity is always incredible.  Teaching yoga is far from lucrative money-wise, but it sure is about hitting a certain lottery in matters of the spirit/heart.  We are, so often, in such great mutual admiration of one another.  It is never a one-way experience!

As a follow-up on the donations you made to Sojourner House, the women came yesterday and i presented all that was offered by you to the program after their 2nd class.  They were extremely greatful!!!

Moving through the winter months, please keep taking care of yourselves (even if it’s just for 5 minutes) and look for updates.  Always feel free to reach out even if it is just a ‘hello again’!  plan on the first saturday in May for our next beginning.  I always work on formal confirmation with Tim Rogers before May rolls around, but unofficially–program your brain for May 2017!

Peace to you and the hope and prayer that all things good continue to bestow themselves upon you and yours.  and when they don’t, may you find the courage within to muddle through in whatever way it takes…crawling still wins races!

– lizzie

One response to “Kiwanis 2016 Season is a Wrap!”

  1. Thank you Lizzie for another great season of yoga in the park! It was such a wonderful time to experience togetherness through yoga and nature.

    I will look forward to your updates throughout the year, and to the May 2017 season!


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