What is Given


So there is no doubt that we are INDEED advancing into the fall-like temps and blustery days.  What a week it has been!  The “Black Moon” is upon us and it does feel that there is a very distinct energy swirling all around us.  It is is important to try and remain grounded and find things to anchor us–that bring comfort in these days ahead, that can so easily be full of bleakness.  Every one of us can struggle with balancing our energies and state of mind at these times of the year with what can seem to be such a pervasive sense of darkness.   We must keep reminding our selves to ‘dig deep’ and try to see that what we are given, is usually far more than what is taken away.   Seek the light in hobbies and activities that center and comfort us.  Stay connected in what we know creates and feeds our passions and interests.  Affiliate with those who allow us to be who we are, without judgement and continual expectations.  We must continue to cultivate a landscape of constant care where our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health & actualization are concerned.  Even at times when it feels that we are stagnant, there is still a subtle trajectory.  Always easier to detect as we look back but not always when we are “in it”.  A simple mantra or two of your creation chanted daily and posted somewhere to constantly jog you into remembering your truth and intentions, can be a super tool!

…and now the bad news!  KIWANIS PARK tomorrow is cancelled due to the monsoon-like weather.  It will be far too wet and probably on and off rain all morning per the forecast.  Better to cancel now so we all can get more zzzzz’s!!!  I think this year will be an early end to the season.  More than likely next saturday will be the last session this year.  Stay tuned for the final word next week.

Have a wonderful weekend all and keep your chin up…that’s were the double rainbows are! 🙂


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