Soujourner House Fundraiser Thank You & Yoga This Morning

Good morning all.   I wanted to offer a very huge thank you to all who showed up last week and made offerings for Sojourner House.  You all raised $114.00!!!!  Count along with that several phones and some much needed moving-around-in gear.   Your generosity is wonderful and these women will appreciate every ounce of it.

So far, so good this morning dodging rain.  It is early yet but if it starts in earnest between now and 8am, it will be a cancellation.

Millvale days are going on this weekend!   Enjoy your weekend and remember WE ARE OFF NEXT SATURDAY AT THE PARK because i have an early morning event class happening in the city.  I am sorry there will be no yoga but not sorry that you can allow yourself to snuggle in a bit longer!!!


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