Updates to Schedule & Miscellaneous Information

hello dear yogis!  i just wanted to first wish you all a restorative labor day weekend.  as most of us have had some change to our schedule and lives as we shift into fall, it does seem that the ease and wonderful synchronized rhythm of the summer months has begun to wane along with the sunlight.  it is again the decent into the areas of our lives where we are forced to be more introspective and sedentary and for many of us, that can mean some real mood shifts and difficulty in adjusting to these seasonal transitions.  is it crucial at these times to really observe our habits and emotions and work to bolster our methods of coping and moving through these often mercurial chapters.  keen awareness of our internal dialogue and the ways in which we can easily sabotage our efforts to extricate ourselves is an important part of that process.  letting others help us along the way, letting go of trying ‘to do it all’ because others appear to do it ‘so why can’t we?!’.   we must learn that overextending in our practice and in our lives can only do damage.   so try to slow down and create a different pace as we migrate once again into what can be our most challenging season(s).

the next order of business is a little tweaking of the KIWANIS PARK SCHEDULE.  as many of you have it marked already, tomorrow is an “off” day at the park in observation of the Labor Day holiday.  we will be back on next saturday, september 10th.  a CHANGE TO THE PRINTED SCHEDULE is we will not have practice on september 24th as i will be up even earlier teaching for the midwives at their conference this weekend.   as always, please check the schedule every saturday morning for any emergency posts even if it is a beautiful saturday morning!!!  if you see nothing posted on Facebook, twitter or this site (i try to do update all at the same time) on that day–we are on!!!  i can’t stress it enough that by hitting the “follow” button on this site you will automaticly receive a link via your email anytime an update has been posted.  that way all you have to do is check your email.  just one way to lessen the burden on yourself (did you read that first paragraphy?! lol)   ;^)   and remember, we go as far into the fall as the weather and our bones will allow so don’t think that we are done as most programs are by this time.  this program is not a funded program as some of you know.  the township has been wonderful in allowing a 3rd year and so every time you stop in to the municipal building, you might just consider giving a personal “thanks” to tim rogers and sherry who are so gracious enough to work with me every year on bringing it back.  it is imperative that i thank you from every chamber of my heart for your generosity.   we don’t live in a perfect world but on saturday morning with you all, it does seem something a little closer to that paradigm.  that you share so graciously is so very special.

…and in closing, a little news on a new effort.  i am able to share yoga with some special women.  these are the women of sojourner house who are so courageous and work to regain control over their lives and those of their children.  the saturday we start again–september 10th–all donations will go to sojourner house.   there is much that this non-profit could put these funds toward.   there is never any obligation for a donation.  this is not about pandering.  we all have to deal with people wanting something from us daily.  i just want to let you know because some have asked when this would happen and i have mentioned that it was in the pipeline.  so next saturday is the designated day, and something that might strike your fancy more is, if you have a cell phone sitting around that you don’t use, or some gently worn workout clothes of some sort, they can certainly use them.  this non-profit has very limited resources and not all staff are able to have cell phones because it’s not in the budget.  it is my fervent hope that we can help a little with that.  feel free to go to their site and check out how beautiful their mission work is…www.sojournerhousepa.org.  a little video attached to inspire and remind us all of how what blessings we have in our lives.

peace out and remember to tune out to tune in!  ;^)





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