Thank you for participating!

thank you to all who showed up this morning for the kick-off!  yes it was cold, yes it was foggy but the sun and blue sky did set in by our final OM!  a beautiful morning with a gentle introduction.

i will be out of town for a workshop next saturday, so there is no session.  we resume the following week.  remember to check this site to see if we are on for the morning.  i will as a rule post weather cancellations by 7:30am that morning.  if you follow twitter (@lizzzrrdlounge), i do post there also, and sometimes, that does seem to be more immediate.  so FaceBook, this site and twitter.  be sure to cohnnect with one or all of them.  if you choose to hit the “follow” button on this site, you will automatically get an email link every time i create a new post.  it is completely your preference on method.  just make sure you stay within the communication loop.

happy woman’s day to all…why stop at motherhood!  🙂




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