kiwanis park season ends on cancellation

well it is with great sadness in looking at tonight’s forecast with the cold and wet temps predicted…and possibley even snow! it will just be too miserable to endure. last week we made the decision to continue through until tomorrow as our official ‘end of season’. and so it goes, with tremendous gratitude to each and every one of you who are either returning every year or just discovering the program–you are what drives this!! your determination, enthusiasm and individuality creates the most wonderful backdrop. my only sorrow is that we have to end. you can trust that next years details are already in the makings! i would encourage you all whenever you are at the shaler township building, stop by tim rogers’ office and extend your thanks to he and the township for allowing this program to blossom. they generously allow us to use the facilities each year.

so be well all and stay tuned for ongoing updates. next week i am subbing diane’s 4:30p gentle on monday and kendell’s 6:00p gentle on wedensday at schoolhouse in the north hills. i will also be in the east liberty studio on friday for the 12:15p yoga 1 (subbing for richard). my regular classes are on the schedule. one of the wonderful things that schoolhouse does is they allow you to split a pass with someone else at time of purchase. that means you can purchase a $100.00 pass with someone else and split the cost and the classes. thats less than 10.00 a class!!! quite a novelty when money is an issue–and it is for most! this is a way to continue your practice and not let cost completely prohibit it.

i hope you all take good care of yourselves and your families until the 2016 season. we usually start the first saturday in may but stay tuned for confirmation of that!

peace and blessings to you all. your lovely faces will be missed!!


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  1. Thank you Lizzie for a another wonderful season! I always enjoy your yoga practice and I look forward to seeing you next year!!


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