Memorial Day Weekend Info & Schoolhouse Class Updates

Hello all and welcome to another kick-off marking of summer as we enter Memorial Day weekend 2015!  Class information is as follows….

KIWANIS PARK – No Class Saturday 5/23 (back on the 30th) NOTE:  I am subbing this week in the NORTH HILLS (Schoolhouse Yoga) for Kendell’s 4:30pm Gentle.  Many of you who have discovered yoga @ kiwanis and yoga in general, and have wanted to see what it is like to practice in a studio but aren’t sure–this is a wonderful opportunity to see what “gentle” is all about.  The studio is located on the access road to Ross Park mall that takes you to Salon Vivace and David’s Bridal (just as you pass 1/2 price books heading north).  It’s a lovely way to decompress after a weekend of full-on activity and perhaps, toxicity ;^|

MILLVALE COMMUNITY LIBRARY – Class is now on summer hiatus.

UPMC St. Margaret’s Hospital – Class is now on summer hiatus.


My regular teaching hours are Tuesday nights at 6:30pm in the NORTH HILLS studio.  It is a “Yoga 1” practice.  It is a good entry point for all.  Saturdays in SQUIRREL HILL at 10:00am for a “Gentle” practice.  The place to be for everyone!  Sundays in the NORTH HILLS at 11:00am THROUGH MAY.  Again, “Yoga 1”–nothing to fear here!  Sundays will change as June rolls in to an early start of 9:00am!  We all want to get our yoga in early so as not to miss the days events.  The earlier we can let it move us, the deeper our impact on the world at large.

SUBBING @ EAST LIBERTY on THURSDAYS through May for the YOGA 1 @ 12:15pm (for monique).  That means today!!!


Tuesday, 5/26 | 9:30am – 10:45am Yoga 1 (for Monique)

Tuesday, 6/1 | 9:30am – 10:45am Yoga 1 (for Monique)


Sunday, 5/24 | 4:30pm – 5:45pm Gentle (for Kendell)

for full schoolhouse yoga schedule…go to  the lovely tradition that schoolhouse has established is that “subs” are not advertised.  this is not a mistake!  it’s to get all to experience the beauty of each and every teaching style.  the idea is to try everything until you find something that “clicks” for you 🙂 

joyful and safe holidays to you all!!!  


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