important weekend updates

Millvale Community Library Yoga is on hiatus until saturday, January 10th.  The new time slot is noon.

UPMC/St. Margaret’s Community Yoga is mostly on hiatus and has been moved to Wednesdays @ 4:00pm starting in January.  It is open to staff and the public.  If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact me directly via email.

Schoolhouse Yoga teaching this sunday…I am honored to sub the 4:30pm gentle class in the north hills (in addition to the regularly scheduled morning classes) for the extraordinary kendell romanelli who is part of a special yoga workshop fundraiser in the strip district on sunday.  All proceeds go to the dogs!!!  (And kitty cats)  check out for more details.

That’s it for updates.  Hope the holidays are full of rest and laughter for all.  Slow down and remember to take it all in…every breath is numbered so maximize your potential!


One response to “important weekend updates”

  1. Thank you Lizzy for all of the updates!
    I miss yoga in the park, but hope to make it to one of the other classes .
    Take care, and enjoy the Holidays!

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