Millvale Community Library New Class Time & Miscellaneous

I hope all had a beautiful holiday rest.  It seems were back on the run for the Christmas preparations now…what a whirlwind time!!!

This is just a reminder that the new class time at the Millvale Community Library is now 12:00pm.  Please make note.  See you there!

Saturday and Sunday morning has me teaching gentle, yoga 1 and yogi 2 at both the squirrel hill and north hills studios.   So check out the new winter schedule.

Kendell ‘ s moon salutations are tonight at 6:30p in the strip.  That was to be my Friday night event but children and other things superceded my best intentions….do you know this feeling?!  Maybe you can pencil this beautiful practice in?  🙂

Happy friday all!  Keep your  yoga in everything you do…that’s where it matters most.


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