Thanksgiving Week Schedule

As we are on the eve of Thanksgiving, I want to extend profound thanks to all who have entered my life as a result of yoga’s far reach.  This last year since the studio’s closing has been a very interesting blend of highs and lows–just like for all of us.  The wish for us all is to continue to notice and give thanks for all that we are, have and manage to be, despite these times of great unknowning.  What makes it all tolerable is the kindness of others along the way.

This week’s teaching is as follows…



Schoolhouse Yoga (Squirrell Hill) | 7:30pm – 8:45p Yoga I (subbing for Janna)


Schoolhouse Yoga (North Hills) | 9:30am – 11:00am Yoga 1 (subbing for Diane)

Schoolhouse Yoga (North Hills) | 11:15am – 12:30am Gentle (subbing for Diane)


Millvale Community Library (MCL) – CXL’D THIS WEEK


Schoolhouse Yoga (North Hills) | 10:30am – 11:45am Yoga 1  (New class Times starting next Sunday — CHECK SCHEDULE)

Wishing you and yours peace as always.    Community (UPMC & MCL) classes resume next week.

Happy Holidays

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  1. Hey, Liz, Could you give me a call? dinelle 412-445-2572. Thanks!


    1. Looking forward to seeing you next week 🙂

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