weekend yoga & beyond

H30ppy Friday night, yogis. Again we are to sit on pins and needles awaiting another predicted murky Saturday morning. We shall see what the morning brings. Stay tuned for a post to clarify around 7:00am whether we will be on target for 8:00am.

Yoga at the (millvale community) library is at 10:00am and depending on the weather again, outside may come inside. Certainly not an option at the park!

Plan on checking in tomorrow if you have not already hit the “follow” button.

SUNDAY I will be subbing at schoolhouse yoga in squirrel hill for Linda ‘ s yoga 2 @ 11:00am (90 minute). A reminder that these classes are not heated. TUESDAY evening I am also subbing Brenda ‘ s yoga 1 @ 6:30p (90 min.).

MEDICA is ramping up for a weekly yoga class to start and private sessions as well. Check out medicathehealingarts.com to tap into your healing continuum.

With the weather starting to turn cold and the constant barrage of no good news from the mainstream media, take good care to filter what comes into your body, mind and soul. This year is going to be a challenge for our nation and the world-at-large. The most we can hope to do is to take care of ourselves and our loved ones in the best ways we know how, and keep our prayers and hopes for world peace at the forefront of our thoughts and actions.


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