saturday yoga

it’s on!  kiwanis park @ 8am and millvale community library @ 10am.   jammies are always optional–our yoga shouldn’t be 🙂


Oms in the Outfield Event & Miscellaneous Updates

To all of those who trekked into the city for the “Oms in the Outfield” event this morning at PNC Field, I hope that it was a wonderful practice for your all.   I wonder how that energy will add to the rest of the playoffs….!  One can only imagine 🙂

Saturday had to be one of the loveliest practices yet at Kiwanis Park and it is so remarkable how willing you are every saturday, to turn those covers back.  Not always easy, especially as we head away from the warm, vibrant season into the damp, cool and melodramatic season of fall.  In any case, we shall continue for as long as we find it bearable and we are not arrested for public disrobing! lol ;o)

Saturday’s Millvale Community Library practice was full of goodness as well, and lots of activity by the incredible SouthWest Airlines volunteers!  There were non-stop doing whatever was asked of them.  The windows were cleaned by the dedicated volunteer and professional window cleaner Ray; he said he might even join in on a class one morning!  We practice outside currently, but as the weather changes here too, the idea is to move inward and not stop the yoga despite the inclement weather.  So,  the unstoppable Brian Wolovich and I are still collaborating and discussing how to create the perfect conditions inside when it’s not so great outside.  My guess is that we have at least through mid-October before we really have to face the piper!!

This week at Schoolhouse Yoga:  I am subbing in Squirrell Hill for the  Wednesday, September 24th, 7:30p – 8:45p Gentle Yoga & Meditation.

Medica…The Healing Arts has unveiled their absolutely GORGEOUS studio and therapy space!!!!  Private sessions are being booked and a limited number of classes are in formulation for weekly offering.  You can currently book at and the MBO system is going to make reserving class space simple and immediate!  Class space will be limited–kept small for teaching and healing purposes.  The space is unheated though warm naturally.  Gift Certificates are available as well.

If you have been meaning to make 2014 the year you give yourself the gift and discovery of yoga…there has never been a better time than the now.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.  I am happy to answer all questions in whatever capacity possible.



p.s.  If you ever have mats or props that you are thinking of giving away, please contact me as I am working on a project where we can use all yoga supplies and accessories!  They will go to absolutely FANTASTICAL good use!!!  thank you!

saturday (9/13/14) class schedule

tomorrow’s weather is looking EXTREMELY IFFY!!! let’s wait ad see but if it is a soaking rain all night and into morning, it’s probably going to be a total loss. let’s cross what we can and stay posted for final word tomorrow on kiwanis yoga.

as far as millvale community library yoga @ 10:00am…class is cancelled due to millvale days. so do a happy dance for party time on the streets of millvale! streets will be closed for the festivities so be sure to allow yourself time to park and walk to where you need to get.

wishing you a joyful and restful weekend no matter what you decide to do–or not do.