Yoga on the tennis courts this morn!

See you on the tennis courts yogis! (look above the pool and you’ll see us if you are not sure where they are)  🙂

4 responses to “Yoga on the tennis courts this morn!”

  1. I am sorry to miss this morning’s practice, but I am under the weather.
    Enjoy the beautiful sunshine!
    See you next Saturday,

    1. hi jody, so sorry you are not well! we weren’t actually supposed to have class this morning as it was not included on the orginial schedule of dates because the “basketball classic” was an event that was scheduled on the b.b. courts. since we have been using the TENNIS courts and i neglected to look at my own dates–they don’t call me dizzy lizzie for nothin–class ran under pretty much the most perfect weather conditions possible! looking forward to next saturday and your complete recovery 🙂 please take care of yourself! lizzie

      1. Thanks Lizzie, see you next Saturday!

      2. 🙂 let’s hope so!

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