Kiwanis Park Yoga – Meet on the Tennis Courts

kiwanis park is still in the process of restoring the basketball courts and currently, the courts are taped off so that there is no access.  this means we will yet again meet on the tennis courts which are located above the pool.  there is a side access road to the left if you enter the park and go right toward the jeffrey school back lot.  the access road runs adjacent to the field and pool side area.

i would like to remind everyone to please make the effort to arrive early.  we will start promptly at 8:00am.  even with rain last week, we attempted to practice until we were pretty sopping and our mats became a slip n’ slide.  tomorrow is being tauted as another glorious day, so let’s start it the best way possible with our early morning practice!

see you on the courts! 🙂

rain grand slams us!
rain grand slams us!

yoga on the courts…

the basketball courts are still under construction, so let’s meet at the tennis courts again.  for those of you who are not sure where they are,  you have to enter the park and drive to the left toward the back lot of the jeffery school.  before descending down the rear exit to little pine creek, you would continue straight up the road that is along the perimeter of the pool changing house & bathroom.  it’s high up on the the hill and you can actually see up there as you enter the park–if you are looking!

it sure is chilly but that won’t cancel our plans.  see you soon!



Tennis Anyone?!

And so the first session is  history.  Yes, there was yoga this morning DESPITE some obstacles like weather and the shaler garden club, and construction, and so on….

We perched on the courts and it was like a practice with no net (literally and figuratively)…the vista was definitely a full sensory experience 🙂  It was so completely wonderful to be there in the mix with you this morning.  Thank you for greeting the new season despite the chill and everything else.  We brought our own special brand of  light and infused the space with our energies and intentions.

Hopefully by our next session, 5/17, the deep chill of winter will be long gone.  Even if it’s not, as long as there is no rain and plenty of warm layers, yoga is on.   Be sure to tune in before you drift out if you are unsure, by checking the website/facebook page and connecting to twitter account if you are a twit–i meet ‘tweeter’.  lol 😉   As long as i hear no backlash from the township (police spied on us 2x) about us being on the tennis courts while the basketball courts are being refurbished, that may be where we convene as long as we are not inhibiting any kind of construction/activities schedule.  again, always check here if you are unsure about details.

Enjoy your weekend and prepare for a long awaited…long HOT summer!!! 🙂


Good Morning, Yogis…and So We Begin!

…i see that some have already been up and checking the site!  it’s a heavy morning but no rain, so that means if it holds out by 8am, we are good to go!  there is one little ‘glitch’ that we will work with…ok maybe two…the basketball courts are still not operational, so we will migrate to the outer regions of the park.  Number two glitch, the garden club’s sale is going on at 9:00am.  they will be there early but that will just give us more time to work on your yoga–which means focus!  what this means to you in particular is–do come early.  we will for sure be starting at 8:00 am !  don’t forget your mat 🙂

see you soon!