Kiwanis 2014 2nd Season of “Yoga in the Park” & Other Miscellaneous Information

hello dear yogis!!! for those of you that know me, you know that technology continues to be one of my greatest challenges. i fight it all the way, so my apologies for not getting these dates to you sooner! it seems that the new issue of “In Shaler” Magazine is hot off the press with dates but not much else…so here’s what you need to know:

* classes start at 8:00am SHARP! the word has really spread and as you know, things can get crowded. please be sure to allow for at least 15 minutes of an early arrival so that we can all find our spots and get set up and started without much adieu.

* bring your mat! i do have mats but there is a rental fee in general of $2.00.

* is it really free?! HECK YEAH! you will see a donation box but this is not mandatory. many of you who frequented the studio and know my missions, know that these monies go to defraying the cost of providing outreach work to those whose life could benefit with the therapeutic benefits of yoga. so please don’t feel like you have to pay…it is really for those who can, that do. it is the code we live by as a caring loving species (mostly!).

* what else should i bring? water/hydration, a block if you want and comfy, stretchy clothes. not too loose so that you’ll get caught up or have a ‘wardrobe malfunction’–those are fun but not if you weren’t planning on it! ;o)

* can i bring a friend? and do they have to live in shaler? YES & NO!!! all are welcome…children are welcome to participate but they must be accompanied by a parent if they are under 16. it is courteous to make sure that children are able to preoccupy themselves if they lose interest/focus. we work with what we have and last year the beautuiful infant claire sat on her mom’s mat and just watched the flow go by! so please, just really use your best judgement and see what is best for everyone–mostly your child.

* is there any paperwork? yes, that is part of why coming early is helpful if this is your first exposure to the program. there is a waiver to sign and if you have children, you will have to sign one for them as well.

* what if i have never done yoga before? ….hmmmm, i see no problem here. please don’t fall into that realm of “i am not flexible”. that phrase has no bearing at all when you come to yoga. yoga breeds flexibility, regardless of your bodies natural tendencies. you will find your range of motion, strength, stamina and endurance increased 10-fold with a regular program of yoga. even once a week is enough to reap benefits.

* what type of yoga is this? gee, that is a hard one to answer but essentially, it is a gentle series. there is a flow but it is often modified and articulated a bit more. this way, we move slowly in and out of each asana which protects our bodies, allows us to connect with our breath more effectively, and to really develop a sense of rhythm and cadence that is specific to your level and needs. so for those who have an advanced practice, the opportunity is there to spice it up. the real aim is to connect with our breath, our bodies and where we are in the moment.

* parking is available but the lot can get packed, another reason to high-tail it early!

* class time is 60 minutes therefore we end at 9:00am. if you need to leave early, you are welcome to.

* inclement weather? always check this website…the easiest thing to do is hit the “follow” button and any additions will be emailed to you with link and if you TWEET–follow the studio @lizzzrrdlounge. the facebook page is “lizzzrrd lounge studios” which you can also link to on the blogspot via this is the most immediate way to stay in the know on cancellations. last year we really lucked out! 🙂

those are most of the “wanna know’s” but an important note this year is that the township is redoing the basketball courts where we normally practice. it seems that the first half of may will have us on the grass. if the tennis courts are not in use, we be able to migrate there. we will have to play it by ear.


May: 3, 17, 31
June: 14, 21, 28
July: 5 (tentative), 12, 19, 26
Aug: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
Sep: 6, 13, 20, 27
Oct: 4, 11, 18, 25


Embody changed the morning class times to 8:15am on wednesdays and fridays. So if you have the chance to make it to the wexford location (right on 19 by kollinger autobody), come and practice!

MAY 9 – 11:

i will be going through a special training to work with the Prison Yoga Project, one of my missions. this is a great honor and privilege and i am looking forward to meeting pastor james in person and exploring the ways in which the incarcerated and ‘at risk’ youth population can find (re)habilitation.

Millvale Library:

A saturday program is in the works for seniors and the general population! stay tuned 🙂


that’s it for now…i think that’s enough!!! ;0/ other than the planning to get to some retreats and continue with private and community yoga, not much has changed other than some more gray hair. hope you all are well and eager to get back to practicing under the heavens!

namaste, friends 🙂


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