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hello yogis!

It has been so good to see your beautiful faces coming to the 9:15am classes @ Embody on Wednesdays and Fridays…kinda just like old times just with different ‘framing’!  The studio at Embody is light and lovely with it’s soft violet haze and lots of windows to let the sun shine in.  The juice & natural food bar opens early so it’s a nice little place to plant yourself and have some tea or other nourishment before practice.

Dates have been finalized for Kiwanis 2014!!!!  start date is saturday, may 3rd!  the schedule will be forthcoming but i just wanted to confirm the most important date being the start 🙂

This saturday, Feb. 15th, Medica will be hosting and running a fantastic EXPO on everything around DETOXING.  The timing couldn’t be better as we begin to transition from the harshest of winter months into the slow gentle beginnings of rebirth…SPRING!  IT WILL BE HERE but the question is how do we prepare ourselves mentally and physically for this stage.  What can we do differently this time?  What negative habits can we replace with beneficial one…we certainly have enough time to reprogram between now and then.  So it’s important to really look at what is going on in your life and in your own personal ‘house’; take stock, reevaluate and purge.  It’s time for renewal and the cultivation of what best serves you.  Let Beverly guide you and answer these questions.  There’s even a chance to work your asanas!  An all-level yoga session will be offered at 2:00pm with yours truly.  This session will be an entry point for many, so there should be no expectation about what is possible or impossible.  Just be present and allow yourself to be guided…that is all.  Space is limited so please follow this link for registration and ticket information….http://www.medicathehealingarts.com/Events.html

Some interesting things are underway for an official start of some community classes coming to the millvale area…stay tuned.  More information should be streaming in a few weeks.

Many have asked me how it feels now not having the studio.  My initial response is of course sadness because I truly loved the space and that it was OUR SPACE, but now, I truly love being portable…mobile and not tethered to one spot.  That I can connect daily outside with all kinds of folks and really work on my work with the community-at-large–that’s oxygen for my fire!!!  I couldn’t feel more vital and focused right now.  So that’s the really super news!!!  2014 is turning out be be an extremely pivotal year for me…i hope that the same is true for you, and that it is really about coming closer to the things/endeavors and people you truly care about.  The things that build you up and help reveal more to you about who and what you truly are about…your own missions and dreams.

I look forward to seeing more of the faces that blessed 2013 and even more new ones just waiting in the wings.  We can never even imagine the goodness that’s out there waiting for us, one connection at a time leading us to the well…the well-th.  wholeness.

Thanks for reading these goofy posts and staying connected in all the ways you do.   as ever, sending love and hope to you all.


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