Teaching Starts on 2/5/14 @ Embody Juice Bar & Studio | Wexford, PA

Finally some solid news on where you can catch me teaching on a regular basis.   Embody Natural Health (of Lawrenceville) has opened up it’s second location on Route 19 in Wexford.  It is right near Rita’s Italian Ice if you are familiar with that landmark!  Follow the link…http://www.embodynaturalhealth.com/

I will be teaching on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 9:15am and it will be the “mindful flow” that you were pretty much accustomed to at LLS. Aimee has a really lovely model and on one side of the building (right) is the juice & food bar and on the other side (left) is the studio. They are connected by a common lounge area which has some couches and books and lots of nice things to cozy up to. Specials run every day so it’s really nice little added bonus to be able to fill up on something hearty and healthy after class. Especially as we are in the throws of this horrid winter season. We all have grown weary and weak from the constant barrage of extreme temperatures. Aimee Woods is an expert on what might be the best remedy for what is ailing you nutritionally.

Please be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to prepare and set-up. Looking forward to seeing you all again regularly. I am grateful to Aimee for providing the opportunity for former clients to resume their most sacred practice. We are looking for this to be a really supportive endeavor for everyone involved. hands helping hands always!!!

Any questions…shoot me an email! Thank you for your continued fervent support 🙂


Embody Juice Bar & Studio | Wexford, PA
Embody Juice Bar & Studio | Wexford, PA

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  1. Yeah! I have tried a couple of yoga classes and discovered that none are as enjoyable and challenging as yours. I will be seeing you upon my return from Sugarloaf Maine in a couple of weeks.

    Stay warm and good luck in your new location.

    Inga Jackson

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    1. hello, inga!!! sugarloaf maine!!!! don’t hurry back quickly 😉 that is sweet of you to say. the hardest part about losing the studio was knowing that many would lose their practice–which was a bit different than many of the ‘standard’ classes. enjoy yourself and we’ll share some tea at the studio when you get back!

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