Medica…The Healing Arts | Wellness Expo. Event 2/15/14

Medica…The Healing Arts | Wellness Expo. Event 2/15/14

And even more activity to announce!  Beverly is kicking off another Event in February.  The focus will be on the process and art of DETOXing.  Considering the severity of weather and stress these conditions contribute to, there is no better time than THE NOW to invest some time into a ‘master reset’ of the mind, body and soul.  Follow the link for more details and registration.  I will be a contributor and conducting an all-levels yoga class at about the 2:00pm mark.  It will be a one-hour class.  Please be sure to bring or borrow a mat, wear soft and stretchy clothes and bring along something for hydration–water always the best choice!  You might even consider this a ‘sweethearts’ weekend for the one you have been trying to get to take care of themselves but weren’t quite sure about how to ease them into it.  These events are usually joyful and informal which are great for the worry wart in your life. ;o)

Beverly will be conducting these events monthly and in a specific pattern.  Stay tuned for more events and be sure to check out the yoga menu on the Medica site.  There are some nice perks for clients–existing and new!

If you have no idea what Medica has to offer, I challenge you to stop into their ‘space’ and see if it just doesn’t blow your mind!

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      Lizzie, will see you there

    1. can’t wait to see you! 🙂

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