6:00 pm Tonight Cancelled

the evening class tonight mist be cancelled due to a personal emergency.  i apologize for any inconvenience this causes but due to unforeseen circumstances, i am unable to teach.

thank you for your understanding and patience.

3 responses to “6:00 pm Tonight Cancelled”

  1. Lizzy,

    I hope all is well. We miss you and the Saturday practice in the park. We are excited about the start of Yoga at Kiwanis in May! I am so sorry to hear about your space in Allison Park. Keep us posted on any new developments.

    Your Yogis,


    Jody and Hayley


    • jody amd hayley u r missed!!! so glad u are staying in touch :). i should have approval on the start date for kiwanis shortly. i hope uou both are well and that your holidays into the new year, are wonderful! happy new 2014 xo


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