Yes Saturday is Still On!

Normal schedule for saturday. ¬†Bring your turkey gut! ūüėČ

10am – 10:45a Gentle

11:00am Р12:00pm  Basics


Schedule reminder for today…

the 6:00pm is still on tonight giving you plenty of time to relax and hang out before you get back into your yoga groove.

a reminder that the studio will be on hiatus this monday, dec. 2nd thru tuesday, dec. 10th as i will be out of town.  all classes resume their normal schedule on wednesday, dec. 11th.


Important Schedule Change Information & Park Yoga Renewed for 2014!!!

hello yogis!  long time, no write.  just wanted to inform you about a sudden schedule change for this monday, 11/25, and the holiday schedule changes for next week.

firstly, all classes this monday are cancelled. ¬†the reason for this is personal and can be revealed a bit later on. ¬†it is confidential–exciting, eh?!–but definitely something i will be able to cross off my ‘bucket list’!

the next order of business, this 6:00pm on wednesday evening will be cancelled in observation of thanksgiving eve. ¬†friday morning’s classes will be cancelled but the 6:00pm is still intact therefore allowing for ‘right and proper’ digestion.

the studio is going to be closed on monday, december 2nd thru tuesday, december 10th.  classes resume their normal schedule on wednesday, december 11th.

thank you, as always, for understanding.  there is going to be a big announcement next week along with the christmas schedule.  some of you are already aware of this but many are not.

and because i like to end on a good note…Park Yoga at Kiwanis has been confirmed for 2014!!! ¬†the schedule will be forthcoming, so stay tuned for that.

wishing ¬†everyone a safe and peaceful light up weekend–and i don’t mean cigarettes!! ūüėČ


Miscellaneous Updates


  • Good morning, yogis and friends. ¬† yoga in the park officially ended 3 weekends ago and hopefully you are all catching up on your saturday morning sleep! i know i am enjoying snuggling a little longer now that winter has it’s grips around mother nature’s neck. ¬†All is not lost in terms of our saturday yoga though, the 11:00am Basics @ the studio will start as a “donation” class meaning pay what you can. ¬†This is with the intent is, that you can still continue your weekly practice despite your budget. ¬†The studio works to make yoga available to all. ¬†A little news about the saturday schedule and some other miscellaneous information follows, so please be sure to read it. ¬†Also, as the weather is getting more unpredictable and treacherous, it is important to tune into the website, facebook page or twitter if you are into that for class cancellations. ¬†If the pittsburgh public schools have a delay 2-hour delay or cancellation, this affects the days classes.

    Saturday Schedule Modification:

    The 12:30p mindful flow is being discontinued starting today.

    Medica…the Healing Arts:

    I will be working with this brilliant healing center in bringing yoga to the community. ¬†If you are not familiar with Medica, please see their website ( or their facebook page ( ¬†Beverly Leopold and her amazing team are well versed in the alternative/homepathic healing practices that many look for–but don’t always know how to find. ¬†A rare treasure nestled into a beautiful ¬†serene space right off of route 8 in gibsonia. ¬†I have lived here for years and only learned about them last year! stay tuned for more information on the community yoga Medica offers and my relationship with that project. ¬†Beverly, Rich and I firmly believe in the practice of being your own healer and advocate. ¬†Our role is providing you with the necessary tools and information and getting you on your road to the continuum of physical and emotional balance….something that we all struggle with. ¬†Knowing you are never alone during this chapter of healing is so important.

    Massage Pittsburgh | Spa Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh Massage Therapy

    Rejuvenate with a delightful massage Pittsburgh residents always enjoy at medica…the healing arts, a massage therapy facility and spa Pittsburgh has grown to love. Learn about our services!