Miscellaneous Updates – Walking Meditation @ the Kearns Spirituality Center Today, 4:00pm Weather Permitting

Walking Meditation Today:

Is being held at the Kearns Spirituality Center on Babcock Boulevard (on the La Roche College Campus). It will start at 4:00pm and run until 4:45pm…it is a special trial run session. The hope is that the rain doesn’t hit before then. If there is rain anywhere from 3:30p to 4:00pm, just meet at the studio for the regular 4:30pm – 5:00pm class.

South Hills Power Yoga Teacher Visit from Mandy Ippolito!

A wonderful teacher (from my graduating teacher training class) and friend who teaches at South Hills Power Yoga came by to visit the studio after teaching the community class at 10:00am for free at the Lulu Ross Park Mall store on Sunday morning. Mandy led a really seamless class and then it was off to The Lounge for some introduction and playing around. Having a little South Hills energy in the North Hills was pretty wonderful. (see pics below)

south hills power yoga teacher mandy ippolito visits!
south hills power yoga teacher mandy ippolito visits!

mandy handstand 8 sept 2013

many heandstand 8 sept 2013

New Schedule Updates:

Since many of you know I am a single parent with children in the shaler school district, the continuing strike has thrown a wrench into the plans to immediately update to the new schedule. Stay tuned though…it may not be too long now!

Park Yoga:

Continues! Just make sure you check-in on friday night/saturday morns.

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