Important Friday Class Info & Weekend Update

Hello yogis,

The first order of business is regarding tonight’s class. The township is ‘oiling & chipping’ the road so it is pretty treacherous. Expect BIG TIME delays! If you are coming to class, give your self extra time to get here as there have been some terrible accidents within the last week due to people not heeding the need to slow down.

I aslo got a chip in my windshield from rocks being thrown by others. If you can find a nice alternate route and travel on wildwood for as short a duration as possible, go for it!!!

Second, the fall schedule is still in the works. This is the time for any and all input!

Third, the weather is great and tomorrow looks fantastic for our morning practice. As always, come with your mat and please arrive early.

Last, the Millvale Community Library’s opening is getting lots of buzz. Be sure to check it. Yoga will be offered from 10a – 11a and the lineup for the formal opening is found on a preceding link here or on facebook. There is going to a be really avant garde revealing of a mural along the outer side wall…no details from me! Have to be there to experience it. Pictures will be posted after the event 🙂

That’s all for now.

happy almost weekend!

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