Good Morning, Drizzle….

well, it looks like we are not quite in the clear yet with this precipitation. if it stays like this we will have to cancel but if it stops by 7:30am, then we can still think about a practice. it will be a little soggy but just make sure you bring a long towel to cover your mat.

in order to counteract some of this dreariness and still give you yoga, this will be another opportunity for park practitioners to drop in this saturday to the studio and discover what a class is like IN THE STUDIO. class will be offered on a donation basis and you have your pick of a 10:00am (- 11:00am) Basics or 11:15a (- 12:00pm) Fibromyalgia/Gentle. the studio is right across the street from Jewart’s Gymnasium (on the right, at the light). for those of you who knew the store “the gazebo”, i am in the top floor location. the first door on the porch! plenty of parking in the lot and you are welcome to bring your kids as you have done at the park.

it sounds like it’s not letting up even though it’s a soft, gentle rain. lovely as a sleep aid but not a good companion for our yoga. have faith and stay on the watch but consider making the short trek out.

i’ll post again around 7:30am. we want to be safe and if it’s too wet, it’s just not going to work.

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