Saturday 8/30 Yoga at the Park….

is on as long as the weather permits. Please keep in mind that we start promptly at 8:00am on the courts. Set your alarm and dig out your mat and be sure to arrive early in order to set-up and get acquainted. If you are brand new, there is a waiver to sign before beginning.

We will continue through September and hopefully through October. Continue to follow the updates.


Fall Schedule 2013 & A Thank You Repost from Facebook

Golden Moon


my silent witness. a weekend of blessings from the community. i still sit in wonder at how the most incredible people keep walking thru the door, supporting the mission of the studio. it is days like these last few that just fill me up again.

thank you wonderful, beautiful yogis yet again. there can never be enough gratitude dispensed. NEVER.



FALL SCHEDULE: [starting in september–exactly when to be determined 😉 ]

An aside this morning regarding the schedule in the works for the fall…I thought I would give you a peek into what the schedule is looking like. This is your chance to let me know what you think. The days of closure for the studio are planned for a reason. The days off are not necessarily days off but opportunities for other yoga projects, often within the community-at-large. As the studio grows in numbers, this will begin to create new windows of practice on what are now “off” days. So please feel free to send me your feedback–positive or negative–it’s all important.

Notice there is a new style of class added to friday and saturday’s opening Basics @ 10:00am is now a donation class. As we head into the colder months, the hope is to keep the park folk steeped in their saturday practice. If we can fit the bodies in that want to be there, oh what a happy practice it will be! yoga mats like to cuddle too 🙂

4:00p – 4:45p Walking Meditation…..Donation
5:00p – 5:45p Gentle……………..Donation
6:00p – 7:00p Basics

8:15a – 9:00a Gentle
9:15a – 10:30a Mindful Flow
6:00p – 7:15p Mindful Flow

8:15a – 8:45a The Mindful Express*
9:15a – 10:30a Mindful Flow
6:00p – 7:15p Mindful Flow

[8:00a – 9:00a Kiwanis Park (Shaler) Gentle Yoga…………FREE! Thru 10/3 and
possibly beyond weather permitting]
10:00a – 11:00a Basics……………..Donation
11:30a – 12:15p Gentle
12:30p – 1:30p Mindful Flow (time is not a typo–60 minutes is correct!)

* THIS IS A NEW CLASS CONCEPT! Entitled “The Mindful Express” for those just wanting to start into their frday with a very predictable practice of slow flowing Sun A and Sun B’s with a few long holds on some indivual asanas but it is primarily a moving meditation through the sun salutations followed by a seated meditation. It is for the mind that is hard to manage and after a long week, needs the emptying process of a mostly predictable sequence followed by the release of inner buildup. With an early start, it is meant to give you a dose of energy adjustments before you begin your official work/production day.


Enjoy your day 🙂

Important Friday Class Info & Weekend Update

Hello yogis,

The first order of business is regarding tonight’s class. The township is ‘oiling & chipping’ the road so it is pretty treacherous. Expect BIG TIME delays! If you are coming to class, give your self extra time to get here as there have been some terrible accidents within the last week due to people not heeding the need to slow down.

I aslo got a chip in my windshield from rocks being thrown by others. If you can find a nice alternate route and travel on wildwood for as short a duration as possible, go for it!!!

Second, the fall schedule is still in the works. This is the time for any and all input!

Third, the weather is great and tomorrow looks fantastic for our morning practice. As always, come with your mat and please arrive early.

Last, the Millvale Community Library’s opening is getting lots of buzz. Be sure to check it. Yoga will be offered from 10a – 11a and the lineup for the formal opening is found on a preceding link here or on facebook. There is going to a be really avant garde revealing of a mural along the outer side wall…no details from me! Have to be there to experience it. Pictures will be posted after the event 🙂

That’s all for now.

happy almost weekend!

Park Yoga Today & Millvale Community Library Opening

Park Yoga Today & Millvale Community Library Opening

No rain means our gain!!  See you soon this morning.  Come early and grab your mat.  Please be timely for our 8:00am start!  All are welcome 🙂

An exciting event is going on next week.  The new Millvale Community Library will be having their Grand Opening from 1p – 8p with super events scheduled all day.  Earlier that day yoga will be offered in the courtyard from 10a – 11a by yours truly.  Just bring your mat and get there a bit early for a prompt start.   Everything is free and the events are pretty outstanding for the whole family.  The library is absolutely beautiful and is just loaded with great energy, people and oh yeah…BOOKS!!!!  Maybe even consider ditching your vehicle for the day and riding over to the river trail after you’ve checked everything out.

Lastly, i am coming up with a new matrix for the fall schedule so if you are wanting some input, please let me know what you might like to see on the schedule.  This isn’t a guarantee for that timeslot but it does figure into the mix!  

Enjoy your saturday!

Schedule Reminders for Monday….

4:30pm – 5:00pm (Walking) Meditation

5:15pm – 6:00pm Fibromyalgia/Gentle

6:15pm – 7:30pm Mindful Flow (all levels)

Please keep in mind that sometimes we run 5 minutes or so over so just be patient and rest on the porch, enjoy the breeze, the view and a few minutes of stillness. We seldom are forced to take it during our day.

The first two classes are donation-based meaning it is pay what you can, if you can. All are welcome. This is one of the best introductions to meditation and all can do it.

Enjoy your day and try to remember to take some other moments during the day to find quiet and contemplation. Stretch your body and breath in and out fully, over and over again. Then take your finger off the pause button…and resume your day.


Community Updates & New Kiwanis Park Dates

First, a super high-five to the folks who ventured out to the studio yesterday! I loved that I got to spend more time personally getting to know you and that you could see what the experience was to practice within the walls of the studio space. It is important to find a studio that suits your needs and goals. There are many different types and if your practice is to grow, then it is important to scout out your ‘sanctuary’. Thank you for accepting the invitation!

Some of you who follow the studio on facebook know that another community outreach project is directed toward the women and children of HEARTH. The new offices and apartments have moved into the former Zoar Home after complete renovation to the existing structure and grounds. What stands now is a magnificent campus of apartments, offices and landscape to be turned into gardens, play areas for the children and other areas of function use. The apartments themselves, 20 in all with two being retrofitted and allocated to handi-capable clients. The apartments are all unique, meaning the floor plans are different for each and every unit. The ceilings are sweeping and the lighting is grand. It is hard not to be filled with joy waking up and returning, day-after-day to such a space. Most of these families are coming from poverty and despair and these new beginnings could not be better. The two-year restoration and rejuvination of these families self-esteem, living skills and educational enrichment are fundamental to their success. HEARTH has an 85% success rate with getting these families to sustain themselves (as document in their tracking reports for 5 years after their release from the program). Their methodology works. Supporting their efforts as a community is so important. Their children will be entering the Shaler Area School District and will be walking side-by-side with our children. I could not be happier that they are getting the same chances my children are and that collectively, their energies and experiences will offer a whole new opportunity for understanding.

Another community project is on the heels of being announced. Yesterday I met with the Director and things are being finalized. This is another opportunity to bring yoga to a sector of the community that might not ordinarily have exposure/opportunity. I am very excited because it is in collaboration with a new space that is also about the confluence of knowledge and expression; nurturing the mind, body and soul. What could be better!!! [dip it in chocolate maybe…lol 🙂 ]

Okay, onto the dates for Kiwanis Park now…it was a major bummer to get rained-out like that but it was the plan that day for the universe. It brought us to other opportunities. So just as was stated in the past, the weather will predict the practice. Make sure that you hit the “follow” button on this site so that your email will be captured and an automatic email will come to your box with a link every time a new post has been added to this site. It’s less remembering for you. Otherwise if you like to remain under the radar, continue to direct yourself to the facebook page and here accordingly. The choice is yours 🙂

Drum roll on the dates…




OCTOBER: (if weather holds up)

As always, please email all questions, comments (good & bad), etc. to Monday’s 4:30pm (walking) Meditation & 5:15pm Fibromyalgia/Gentle (45 min) are always donation-based. So if you are doing your best Curious George impression…come get UNcurious!

As always, I must thank you again for continuing to follow and attend and take in with deep consideration anything that appears on this site. Your ACTIVE support has been very affirmational and motivational. Keep on breathing and doing from the heart!

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Build the Ark and Get to the Studio Today!

It looks like we have to call a foul on this day. Weather is not going to permit practice. Make your way to the studio if you can. Whatever your plans are this weekend, I hope it’s a great one and look forward to seeing you all again next saturday!

A reminder that Monday’s also offer two donation-based classes of a walking meditation from 4:30pm to 5:00pm and Fibromyalgia/Gentle at 5:15pm (45 minutes). Mindful Flow at 6:15pm (75 minutes and is for all levels) is the last class and is offered at the regular class price of $12.00 walk-in rate or $9.00 discount. Passes and the new client $20.00 special for two weeks is always in place.

namaste 🙂