Boo-Hoo…(all is not lost with the rain!)

…((((( looks like mother nature wants us to relax at home this morning. that’s okay…it’s good for us to be forced to take a detour often.

here’s the bonus…if you are interested in finding out what the studio looks like this morning and what makes it unique, make the basics at 10am and class will be donation only, in honor of the rain. it might even have cleared up in time for you to take a lovely morning stroll after the summer run in north park. little smell as good as the good, clean rain.

it’s your call…either way, make it a beautiful saturday.


p.s. i am still heading to the park just in case some have showed up and are not detoured one bit by a little aquayoga. if it is too slippery (now that it has appeared to stop), we’ll nix it but rain or not…the 10:00am BASICS stands as DONATION-ONLY this morning.

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