A Mixed Bag

How do these saturdays keep getting better?! Even with rain and a soaked court, we managed to have fun and get a practice in. You all are such troopers for braving the weather and forfeiting your sleep…even baby claire! It is really very special to see the people who return and those who are new, bringing friends, family and others they are connected to…wanting to share the experience of yoga.

So the good news is that Tim Rogers, the Township Director, has given his awesome approval of continuation through August into September and beyond for the program (those dates will be posted shortly). As long as we can work around the weather and I am able to get there–provided there is no township/special event–we will have the ability to practice. This is such good news especially since there are now “regulars” who are working toward a goal. As your breathing and strength increases, your practice will evolve. Any time you have questions or concerns or desires for deepening your practice, ALWAYS feel free to communicate with me. I am always reachable via email at lizzzrrdlounge@aol.com or via this blogspot or you message me on the facebook page.

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I want to also say a very special personal thank you to Hungtington Bank for caring so much about the small business owner. Staying inspired is a little easier when you know that it’s more than just you hoping that you will succeed!

Wishing you all a super weekend hoping you take the time to stop and enjoy where you can. and remember…there is no yin without the yang. balance! 🙂

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