park yoga..

is on so far! 8am start so get there early to claim your suburban sprawl 😉 it fills fast!

there will be another update if the weather gets “iffy”.

A Mixed Bag

How do these saturdays keep getting better?! Even with rain and a soaked court, we managed to have fun and get a practice in. You all are such troopers for braving the weather and forfeiting your sleep…even baby claire! It is really very special to see the people who return and those who are new, bringing friends, family and others they are connected to…wanting to share the experience of yoga.

So the good news is that Tim Rogers, the Township Director, has given his awesome approval of continuation through August into September and beyond for the program (those dates will be posted shortly). As long as we can work around the weather and I am able to get there–provided there is no township/special event–we will have the ability to practice. This is such good news especially since there are now “regulars” who are working toward a goal. As your breathing and strength increases, your practice will evolve. Any time you have questions or concerns or desires for deepening your practice, ALWAYS feel free to communicate with me. I am always reachable via email at or via this blogspot or you message me on the facebook page.

One way to really bypass having to check in here all the time is to become a “follower”. just click on the “follow” and follow directions and you should receive an email each time a post is added. it saves the step of having to check-in all the time…unless you want to!

I want to also say a very special personal thank you to Hungtington Bank for caring so much about the small business owner. Staying inspired is a little easier when you know that it’s more than just you hoping that you will succeed!

Wishing you all a super weekend hoping you take the time to stop and enjoy where you can. and remember…there is no yin without the yang. balance! 🙂

Boo-Hoo…(all is not lost with the rain!)

…((((( looks like mother nature wants us to relax at home this morning. that’s okay…it’s good for us to be forced to take a detour often.

here’s the bonus…if you are interested in finding out what the studio looks like this morning and what makes it unique, make the basics at 10am and class will be donation only, in honor of the rain. it might even have cleared up in time for you to take a lovely morning stroll after the summer run in north park. little smell as good as the good, clean rain.

it’s your call…either way, make it a beautiful saturday.


p.s. i am still heading to the park just in case some have showed up and are not detoured one bit by a little aquayoga. if it is too slippery (now that it has appeared to stop), we’ll nix it but rain or not…the 10:00am BASICS stands as DONATION-ONLY this morning.

News U Missed! (& Ur Park Yoga Update)

News You Missed!

in case you did not see this posting on the studio facebook page, please check it out. it is quite remarkable and only shows you that anything is possible if you open yourself up to it.

word on the street is that the rain is holding off until later in the day tomorrow, so it looks like saturday morning is ours! stay tuned tomorrow morning as well. usually i call it when i wake up 🙂 get rest and hydrate well!

namaste, friends.

Be an Oasis….

with this kind of oppressive heat…please remember to check on people today.  where many of us work daily on random acts of kindness, on a day like today, there are people who need us that will not reach out.   so you must make the effort….it could be life saving.  stop, notice & listen…and act!!  give them respite & a helping hand if you can.  it usually doesn’t take much.

Class cancelled tonight

these storms have powerful winds, hail and lightening.  i am calling a cancellation tonight as the roads are unsafe due to flooding.  please, PLEASE drive safely and check your tv, radio and phone for up-to-date info.  these storms have treacherous rain and lightening…find a safe place to pull off if you are driving.

safe travels home all!

Walking Meditation again Tonight!

Today’s 4:30pm Meditation class will be a walking meditation per special request 🙂 .  If you are someone that struggles with the difficulty of sitting and focusing, a walking meditation is really a beautiful way to bridge the meditation gap for you, rather than excluding it completely…and it can be done ANYWHERE!!  Curious…come check it out!

Don’t forget the Meditation (4:30pm) and Fibro/Gentle (5:15pm) classes are donation-based.  that means that you pay what you can.  The 6:15pm mindful flow follows and is not donation-based.

Hope to see you tonight and maybe help you unwind from the holiday week/end. :))))