Michael Jackson at Kiwanis… (No Yoga Next Saturday!!! BOO)

…who KNEW?!  thank you, michael, for giving us a little more “oomph” in our downdog!  maybe some outkast for our next session so we can “shake it like a polaroid picture”!  it just goes to show we never know what we are in for when we show up on our mats…EVER.   aside from the external components, the practice is driven by you; the instructor is really quite insignificant.  so the next time you come to your mat, remember that it is you who is creating your own starting and ending point on your mat, nothing else matters.  external input is yours to do with it what you will.  the question is how will you let it influence your practice– or not?

next week is the 4th of july holiday week and apparently next saturday the township has something planned so we will reconvene the FOLLOWING SATURDAY of JULY 13th @ 8:00am.  no yoga on saturday, july 6th.  please mark your calendars and pass the word along.

so in the meantime, everyone please be safe, happy, healthy and enjoy what time you have over the holidays to fully rejoice in the moment.   we don’t need any more reminders of how short life is.

happy 4th, 5th and all of the days to follow.  live, love, laugh and linger a while–life stretches out when you do.   🙂



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