Michael Jackson at Kiwanis… (No Yoga Next Saturday!!! BOO)

…who KNEW?!  thank you, michael, for giving us a little more “oomph” in our downdog!  maybe some outkast for our next session so we can “shake it like a polaroid picture”!  it just goes to show we never know what we are in for when we show up on our mats…EVER.   aside from the external components, the practice is driven by you; the instructor is really quite insignificant.  so the next time you come to your mat, remember that it is you who is creating your own starting and ending point on your mat, nothing else matters.  external input is yours to do with it what you will.  the question is how will you let it influence your practice– or not?

next week is the 4th of july holiday week and apparently next saturday the township has something planned so we will reconvene the FOLLOWING SATURDAY of JULY 13th @ 8:00am.  no yoga on saturday, july 6th.  please mark your calendars and pass the word along.

so in the meantime, everyone please be safe, happy, healthy and enjoy what time you have over the holidays to fully rejoice in the moment.   we don’t need any more reminders of how short life is.

happy 4th, 5th and all of the days to follow.  live, love, laugh and linger a while–life stretches out when you do.   🙂




Yoga in the Park Tomorrow – Update

The radar is showing that showers will probably be in the area close to noon, so hopefully, the morning still looks good!  If it stays dry up until and around 7am/8am, we can plan on our class.  The good news is that we don’t have mudd to contend with from all of the rain received in the last two days…just one of many advantages practicing on the courts!

A reminder to show up earlier than our 8am starting time.  Bring your mat, towel and water.  Fyi, I have a few mats for rental at $2.00 but there are not many.  If you don’t have a mat, borrow one!

If the weather is turbulent through the night into the morning…check this site for further updates.

“Yoga in the Park” Update

Looks like tomorrow will be a scorcher for sure!  No rain is in site, so that means get your yoga early at Kiwanis Park.  Come at least 15 minutes prior to class start time of 8:00am, so that we can get our full hour of practice in.  Make sure to bring your mat, water, a towel, clothing that is light and moves with you, and no pre-conceived notions about what might or might not happen on the mat; be open and light to all possibilities.

See you on the basketball courts and of course you are free to invite friends whether they live in shaler or not!  This is an ‘inclusive’ program and open to all that are willing to show up 🙂

Get your rest and have something light to eat at least an hour (light fruit smoothie) or two (small meal) before class.

See you tomorrow!


Saturday Updates…

…Yoga in the Park is on @ Kiwanis Park!  8:00am we start so be sure to get there by 7:45a to set-up and sign a waiver and we’ll get started on time.  BRING YOUR MAT and wear layers as it will be a bit chilly to start.  FYI, you do not have to be a shaler resident to start….it’s a program available to all.

Basics at 10:00am (60 min) at the studio with Fibromyalgia to follow at 11:15a (45 min).




pittsburgh aquaponics open house tomorrow



did you know that pittsburgh is ?becoming a mecca for a new arm of the green movement…aquaponics.  what is it?!  find out tomorrow at the pittsburgh aquaponics open house from 2p – 5p on the south side (link above).  it’s the marriage of fish and plants creating the perfect domain for nutrient-rich, organic food.

it just might blow your mind.



Summer is here and now so is the heat.  What that means is more than just breaking out the summer duds and getting a swim or a barbecue in during the week/end.  It’s about the releasing of our stressors and letting the worries that often are associated with the winter months, trail our thoughts and leave our bodies for a little while.  We allow ourselves to feel like we are on a stay-cation in our own lives.  We sit, we stroll, we gab and we feel the connection to one another a little more deeply.  Our natural desire to socialize is reinforced by the golden luminosity of the sun against our skin and the countless hours it seems to hang in the sky, making our days seem gloriously endless–unless we are at work 😦  we feel more compelled to unite and commune with those we have been meaning to see for months, but somehow never get around to.  So no more excuses, use these natural reinforcers to get out and make things happen!  Life waits for no one but it will let you run along side it if you make the attempt 🙂

So really take the time to kick back and work on cultivating your relationships in person.  Run, laugh, play a little longer.  Don’t worry so much about throwing your shorts on and whether you shaved your legs or not before you head out the door…feel the warm air against your skin and revel in the fact that your legs are pretty miraculous in all that they do!  Get steeped more in ‘how it feels’ rather than the preoccuption with what it looks like…what you look like.   Stop shaming yourself and realize that this is the only body you are ever going to have in this life and disrespecting it is not going to solve anything.  Love it, nurture it, praise it but don’t make it a prisoner…MOVE IT!

So that’s the reminder to “lighten up” with the season of light upon us.

Schedule reminders for this week…saturday no park yoga due to a kiwanis event.  sunday classes are on hiatus through august.  meditation moves to monday at 4:30pm starting monday, june 17th.

And the last wednesday “reminder”…don’t let your dog drive unless s/he has their license! 😉

adios and happy wednesday!

Donation-Based Classes coming to Monday starting 6/17/13

This week marks the first full week of the new schedule and in light of some of the changes, the studio has decided based on feedback that it makes sense on sundays to move meditation to monday afternoons.  This means that meditation will now move to monday’s from 4:30pm – 5:00pm.  It will remain DONATION-BASED and will begin on Monday, June 17th.

The 5:15pm Fibromyalgia/Gentle will follow at 5:15pm thru 6:00pm.  This class will also be DONATION-BASED and it is meant to really target those who need to integrate more dynamic movement back into their daily life but have been too afraid.   The idea here is to not let the fear keep you away and to keep the economic means to do so, within reach.  Yoga is a proven remedial aid in learning to live with the profound physical and emotional affects of Fibromyalgia.

Monday’s current schedule:

5:15p – 6:00p Fibro/Gentle (DONATION-BASED)

6:15p – 7:30p Mindful Flow (all levels)

Monday’s  starting June 18th:

4:30p – 5:00p Meditation (DONATION-BASED)

5:15p – 6:00p Fibro/Gentle (DONATION-BASED)

6:15p – 7:30p Mindful Flow (all levels)

As the studio continues to go through “growing pains” your support and feedback are very much appreciated.  As  the yoga movement across the western world in particular continues to gain more momentum, the idea of bringing it to all is always the universal hope.   There are many who can’t afford it or are repelled by something they have heard or read.  The greatest challenge remains–getting your self there to find out what all the hype/buzz is about.  it’s you against you–wonder whose gonna lose that fight?!