Class Update for this Saturday

Some Bad News & Good News.


the bad first….   🙁

Kiwanis Park has an event going on at the park on Saturday morning so there will be no Yoga @ the Park this Saturday.  It resumes next Saturday.  Remember to check in for status weekly.

now for the good!  🙂

Saturday morning at 11:15am marks the first Fibromyalgia (Gentle) class designed specifically for this condition and others where certain areas of chronic pain and mobility are concerned.  The class is 45 minutes in duration, so it is not too long to completely exhaust you but long enough to get the job done!

The Basics run from 10:00am – 11am.


Sunday classes resume on 6/16/13.


And a tip to help conserve water and money during the summer months…

if you run a humidifier through the year in your basement, elect to chose the basin catch rather than route it to a drain.  This way you can catch the water and store it for watering your garden.  It’s a great way to help the environment and your garden!




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