CANCELLATION of CLASSES for this Thursday & Saturday

There are two changes in the schedule this week due to a speaking engagement and a free festival at The Point (if you are looking for something fun to do).

Thursday’s 9:15am is cancelled.  Saturday’s 10am & 11am are cancelled due to the Venture Outdoors Festival.  There is a huge Yoga component at the festival (2 tents) being sponsored by the generosity of BYS Yoga.  This means a myriad of incredible, inspiring FREE  YOGA and the opportunity to get to know some of the other studios and styles in the pittsburgh area, as many will be present and offering classes.  Please come visit if you are planning on being around on Saturday!  So no classes at the studio on saturday just to be clear 8-|

Yoga in the Park @ Kiwanis in Shaler is still ON for 8AM!  So all you early birds can get your yoga on before the day gets too hot and crowded with errands and activities pulling you away from taking care of yourself first.  it’s always a choice!  

Hope to see you out and about enjoying one another and this weather 🙂


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