Yoga for the Abundant Body

Yoga for the Abundant Body

Most who do yoga in a studio setting, are quite familiar with the mainstream body-type of the yogi.  The best part of what is happening with the yoga movement is that more and more, the majority of the population are finding their way to the studio floor and onto the mat, mixing up that stereotype of the what the perfect yogi looks like NOW.  Even better, there is more trickle down to the segment of the population that really is wanting more than they are getting and this is where adapting the practice and finding the right studio, again, come into play.  Yoga is absolutely an option no matter what body-type or body-parts you have or don’t have.  There is an adaptation process that is right for you, it’s just about discovering it.  There is a very special pratictioner that I know of that made this remarkable journey and continues on it at one of my favorite studios.  She felt safe and cared for and was enough of an advocate and “plugger” to just keep at it.  Every I time I see her, I do a little mental bow in her honor.  She has great courage and understoods that she had all the tools she needed, she just needed some extra loving support and a place to build and achieve the practice that best suited her.  As she changed, it changed but it started at a point that was best able to adapt itself to her needs.  

If you are someone who is interested in getting a yoga practice started and weight and fear stops you every time, call or contact the studio and see if there isn’t a way to allay some of those fears and begin the practice (i can come to you if mobility is a problem) you have been wanting to. 

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