Class Update for this Saturday

Some Bad News & Good News.


the bad first….   😦

Kiwanis Park has an event going on at the park on Saturday morning so there will be no Yoga @ the Park this Saturday.  It resumes next Saturday.  Remember to check in for status weekly.

now for the good!  🙂

Saturday morning at 11:15am marks the first Fibromyalgia (Gentle) class designed specifically for this condition and others where certain areas of chronic pain and mobility are concerned.  The class is 45 minutes in duration, so it is not too long to completely exhaust you but long enough to get the job done!

The Basics run from 10:00am – 11am.


Sunday classes resume on 6/16/13.


And a tip to help conserve water and money during the summer months…

if you run a humidifier through the year in your basement, elect to chose the basin catch rather than route it to a drain.  This way you can catch the water and store it for watering your garden.  It’s a great way to help the environment and your garden!





wednesday, 5/29/13 – morning class early start

tomorrow morning the early bird gets the worm!  a rare early start for the regular 9:15am class…if you weren’t there last week for the announcement, it’s necessary to start at 8:30am this one day rather than cancel.  so class starts promptly at 8:30am and runs through 9:45am.

thanks for being so flexible in the schedule department!

CANCELLATION of CLASSES for this Thursday & Saturday

There are two changes in the schedule this week due to a speaking engagement and a free festival at The Point (if you are looking for something fun to do).

Thursday’s 9:15am is cancelled.  Saturday’s 10am & 11am are cancelled due to the Venture Outdoors Festival.  There is a huge Yoga component at the festival (2 tents) being sponsored by the generosity of BYS Yoga.  This means a myriad of incredible, inspiring FREE  YOGA and the opportunity to get to know some of the other studios and styles in the pittsburgh area, as many will be present and offering classes.  Please come visit if you are planning on being around on Saturday!  So no classes at the studio on saturday just to be clear 8-|

Yoga in the Park @ Kiwanis in Shaler is still ON for 8AM!  So all you early birds can get your yoga on before the day gets too hot and crowded with errands and activities pulling you away from taking care of yourself first.  it’s always a choice!  

Hope to see you out and about enjoying one another and this weather 🙂


Natural Alternatives to Clean Your Mat

Natural Alternatives to Clean Your Mat

Again this week, another inquiry as to what the best method to clean your mat is.  In the studio, I use a tea-tree oil dilution.  There are other natural formulas and a nice variation is suggested in this blog.  Do a search and see what meets your satisfaction criteria.  There are many out there but as you research, you will find some tried and true formulas that pop up over and over again.  If you have allergies, your criteria will limit you a little more.  It’s important to keep in mind the make up of the mat too.  All of these things configure into the alchemy of mat cleaning.  

Weather Cancellations – Classes Tonight & Yoga in the Park Saturday

Due to some severe weather predictions tonight and into the morning tomorrow, tonight’s 6:15p will be cancelled so that everyone can be at home safely with their loved ones.  In addition, Saturday’s 8:00am free “Yoga in the Park” @ Kiwanis Park in Shaler will also be cancelled.  Please be careful and take your time getting to where you need to go.

The sunday morning basics at 9:15a and meditation at 10:15a are still on and as usual and are donation-based so personal funding doesn’t get in the way of your road to equanimity and lovingkindness to all, starting with you.

be well, be safe and try your best to notice all the good surrounding you this friday.  it waits to be noticed.


Yoga for the Abundant Body

Yoga for the Abundant Body

Most who do yoga in a studio setting, are quite familiar with the mainstream body-type of the yogi.  The best part of what is happening with the yoga movement is that more and more, the majority of the population are finding their way to the studio floor and onto the mat, mixing up that stereotype of the what the perfect yogi looks like NOW.  Even better, there is more trickle down to the segment of the population that really is wanting more than they are getting and this is where adapting the practice and finding the right studio, again, come into play.  Yoga is absolutely an option no matter what body-type or body-parts you have or don’t have.  There is an adaptation process that is right for you, it’s just about discovering it.  There is a very special pratictioner that I know of that made this remarkable journey and continues on it at one of my favorite studios.  She felt safe and cared for and was enough of an advocate and “plugger” to just keep at it.  Every I time I see her, I do a little mental bow in her honor.  She has great courage and understoods that she had all the tools she needed, she just needed some extra loving support and a place to build and achieve the practice that best suited her.  As she changed, it changed but it started at a point that was best able to adapt itself to her needs.  

If you are someone who is interested in getting a yoga practice started and weight and fear stops you every time, call or contact the studio and see if there isn’t a way to allay some of those fears and begin the practice (i can come to you if mobility is a problem) you have been wanting to. 

First Yoga in the Park Report

Well…it was quite interesting.  Showing up and seeing the Shaler Gardening Club setting up on the courts for their Plant Sale!  It seems some wires got crossed but everyone decided to stay in bed anyway and forego their yoga so it all worked out.  I made good use of my time hanging out on the swings, helping unload the plants and meeting the lovely members of the garden club and purchasing a few small plants for the studio to help support the garden club.  Even though it was not the morning I would have planned, it was the morning that i openly welcomed and reveled in.  Letting go of our expectations is one of the easiest ways to improve the quality of our lives daily.  Yoga for breakfast indeed!


Flat Stanley Does Yoga!!! DO YOU?!

Flat Stanley Does Yoga!!!  DO YOU?!

Well, now is your chance if you haven’t already heard! Free yoga is turning up everywhere in the parks all around the region and the most recent addition is right here in Shaler @ Kiwanis Park starting tomorrow @ 8am on the basketball courts!!

We won’t be on our heads but we will be doing yoga and for many, they are not quite sure about WHAT THAT IS or if they even LIKE IT! :-/ So rather than letting the fear and “what you’ve heard” stop you–why not develop your own keen sense of what it is and how it feels in your body! Money won’t be a problem so it’s really just about showing up with a mat–purchased, borrowed or found. There will be a few on hand for rental.

Wear comfy, loose fitting clothes because as you will discover, what you look like isn’t going to be a problem. Guaranteed by the end of practice–you will have forgotten that you even cared! So get swept up in the energy and community of yoga and see if it doesn’t explode all of the misconceptions that are out there.

Tune into this blog for updates and cancellations. Rain means cancellation and the park will be in use during certain event days, so do check in weekly to stay up-to-date.

Eat well, get your rest and set that alarm! Get there early to get a spot and take care of a few details before we start. Other than that…see you in the AM 🙂