New Schedule Starts Today

A reminder that the new Spring Schedule starts today.  Kristi Coleman will be off for the month of April on Monday nights, so it will be a Lizzie flow and that means it’s a go for all-levels just in case  you were not sure.  you are the ultimate intensity dial on your practice!

The schedule may change a bit on the weekend as we roll into spring.  There are several programs that will be starting up and one is free…so keep your ear to the ground 🙂

Also, a new note on sunday’s meditation.  This was mentioned before but I just want to remind all that the meditation requires an RSVP, as Sumitta donates his time and has to drive a good distance.  As long as there is interest, Sumitta is happy to come.  Please remember that sunday yoga and meditation is donation-based.  it is about what you can afford to pay and if that means nothing, nothing is what it shall be.


MONDAY:  6:15pm Flow (75 min)


WEDNESDAY:  9:15am Flow (75 min)  &  6:15p Flow (75 min)

THURSDAY:  9:15am Flow (75 min)

FRIDAY:  9:15am Flow (75 min) & 6:15p Flow (75 min)

SATURDAY:  8:00am Gentle (45 min) | 9:00am Flow (75 min) | 11:00am Basics (60 min)

SUNDAY:  9:15am Basics (45 min) | 10:15am** Buddhist Meditation with Sumitta Hudson

(**MUST RSVP by Sat noon)

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