Kristi Coleman Teaching the 5:30pm Tonight! HATHA FLOW

come meet KRISTI COLEMAN @ the 5:30pm tonight with will be a Hatha Flow (as described below). some may know her alter ego as the best darn guidance counselor in the shaler area district…but she’s putting her yoga hat on tonight for all of us! read about kristi and come share practice at the lounge tonight…new BASICS follows at 7p.



Kristi has been practicing yoga since 1994 during her graduate studies and earned a master’s degree in Counselor Education.  She has always had an instrinisic connection to movement and how its powers have the ability to manifest within us.  Krisit’s undergraduate work at Point Park College was filled with the world of dance. Through the years, she has found that her ever-evolving yoga practice gives her the greatest gifts–peace of mind, finding balance in her life and the keys to being the kindlest and gentlest kristi possible.   


In 2009, she completed her 200-hour RYT with Joanne VandenHengel through 3rd Street Yoga based in Pittsburgh. Kristi has been teaching yoga since January 2010 at various locations throughout the Pittsburgh metro area, inspiring self-creativity and encouraging self-exploration with her students. Her methodical teaching style parallels her personal practice, emphasizing the ability to draw upon intentions in order to best help students unite their breath with movement; building a personal, moving meditation that stills the mind and facilitates their own connection to a more tranquil, kinder and empowered self. 


Hatha with flow Yoga Class  (Monday @ 5:30pm)

This class combines the energetic healing aspects of yoga with the strengthening aspect of hatha yoga postures and breath work. The class will consist of sun salutations, standing poses and linking them with the breath. Class will close with relaxation and meditation. This yoga class is a great opportunity to meet yourself right where you are and tap deeper into your breath, strength and flexibility of the body, mind and spirit you already possess. Coming to ones true self, finds the ultimate goal of yoga – Samadhi or stillness of the mind.



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