WYEP Alternative Souper Bowl to Benefit Hearth

WYEP Alternative Souper Bowl to Benefit Hearth

hello all friends and patron yogis…the link is information about the event that is free to the public when you bring a non-perishable food item (see link for all details).  last year, i started a volunteer yoga project for the women of Hearth and will be going into full swing with it come may 2013.  hearth is one of the most successful programs for women who are transitioning back into the community from domestic violence situations and they work to combat hunger non-stop.  they are absolutely outstanding and the women and children need constant assistance and nurturing.  won’t you consider this event as a treat to yourself and a benefit for others?!  i will be there as a spectator and would love to see some familiar faces.  if you have not been to the carnegie library of homestead…than you should take the field trip for that alone.  the music hall is insanely wonderful…the acoustics and intimacey factor ratchet it up to a 10 on the small venue scale, and then, if you open your eyes while you listen…you are in the 12 range.  it’s pretty glorious!  

THE STUDIO WILL BE CLOSED that SUNDAY, FEB. 3 to attend.  so come on out, we’ll all play hookey together!  😉

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