so here is the NEW & IMPROVED SCHEDULE which kicks in this saturday, 1/2/13. this should make it easier for you to get the class you have been hoping to take.

the noons have been taken away due to low patronage but may come back again should the demand be there.


9:15a – 10:30a Vinyasa/flow (all levels)
5:30p – 6:45p Vinyasa/flow (all levels)**
7:00p – 8:00p Basics (all levels/medica clients)



9:15a – 10:30a Vinyasa/flow (all levels)
5:30p – 6:45p Vinyasa/flow (all levels)


9:15a – 10:30a Vinyasa/flow (all levels)
10:45a – 11:45a Gentle yoga (limited mobility/medica clients)


10:00a – 11:15a Vinyasa/flow (all levels)
11:30a – 12:30p Gentle yoga (limited mobility/medica clients)
2:00p – 3:00p Basics (all levels/medica clients)

SUNDAY: (donation-based classes)

9:15a – 10:00a Basics (all levels/medica clients)
10:15a – 11:15a Buddhist Meditation w/ Sumitta Hudson



**Kristi Coleman will be teaching the 5:30p Vinyasa class on starting 2/4/13. Come learn about what makes kristi so exceptional.

Haley Harrison of Haley Harrison Yoga will be guest teaching for the community class on saturday, 2/23/13. let’s see if haley is going to bust out some kripalu, vinyasa or hybrid mix…haley rocks so come check her out!



This sunday, 1/3/13 the studio will be closed–no classes.

Friday, 1/22/13 thru Sunday, 1/24/13 the studio will be closed for ALL CLASSED BUT THE SATURDAY COMMUNITY CLASS sponsored by Lulumon Athletica Ross Park Mall @ 10:00am on 1/23/13 of which Haley Harrison will be guest teaching.


WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHEN I SAY “Medical Clients” posted next to class title?

that simply means that these classes are especially appropriate for medica clients who are often unsure of the intensity of the class. for some, full mobility is not the ‘norm’ and these classes tend to be the gentlest of the bunch. adaptations are always suggested and especially in the “gentle yoga” classes–ARE THE NORM.

MEDICA clients are encouraged to take any and all classes which their bodies will allow. If there are any question ever, please call me at 412.407.3344 or send a message at or contact me via the blogspot @

GOT FEEDBACK?! direct to me in a message. 🙂 namaste and many thanks.


New Monday Evening Class Added starting 1/28/13


6:45p – 7:45p BASICS w/ lizzie

monday lineup:

9:15a – 10:30a Vinyasa Flow (lizzie)
12:00p – 1:00p Vinyasa Flow (lizzie)
5:15p – 6:30p Vinyasa Flow (lizzie)
6:45p – 7:45p Basics (lizzie)

Haley Harrison will be back in February!

Another exciting monday addition will be happening very shortly!


due to the extreme weather conditions and the 2-hour school delays posted to all major school districts in the area, tomorrow’s (wednesday, 1/23) 9:15a class must be cancelled.  this will be the rule when there are 2-hour school delays.  thank you for your understanding and patience.

WYEP Alternative Souper Bowl to Benefit Hearth

WYEP Alternative Souper Bowl to Benefit Hearth

hello all friends and patron yogis…the link is information about the event that is free to the public when you bring a non-perishable food item (see link for all details).  last year, i started a volunteer yoga project for the women of Hearth and will be going into full swing with it come may 2013.  hearth is one of the most successful programs for women who are transitioning back into the community from domestic violence situations and they work to combat hunger non-stop.  they are absolutely outstanding and the women and children need constant assistance and nurturing.  won’t you consider this event as a treat to yourself and a benefit for others?!  i will be there as a spectator and would love to see some familiar faces.  if you have not been to the carnegie library of homestead…than you should take the field trip for that alone.  the music hall is insanely wonderful…the acoustics and intimacey factor ratchet it up to a 10 on the small venue scale, and then, if you open your eyes while you listen…you are in the 12 range.  it’s pretty glorious!  

THE STUDIO WILL BE CLOSED that SUNDAY, FEB. 3 to attend.  so come on out, we’ll all play hookey together!  😉

Saturday’s Yoga & Healing Circle Event with Medica…the Healing Arts!

hello dear yogis…discovered or undiscovered.  this is just a note to remind clients that this saturday’s classes, january 19th, are on a modified schedule.  the only class running will be the 10am – 11:15am Vinyasa Flow (all levels).  

The event tomorrow starts promptly with yoga at 4pm and running until 5pm, so all attendees need to be sure to arrive AT LEAST 20 minutes in advance.  studio will open at 3:30pm, so feel free to come as soon as you can.  you want to be able to set up and get acclemated without a lot of effort.  

Beverly and I are so very elated to bring this to you and we hope that you really just take the time to let yourself relax and be present for all of it.  

Sunday’s classes are running as scheduled…9:15am – 10:00am yoga BASICS and 10:15am – 11:15am buddhist MEDITATION.  see you soon!

Sunday’s Happenings…

…sumitta hudson led a wonderful meditation that led to our enlightenment on the art of tuva. most everyone had a go at it…MOST EVERYONE 🙂

next sunday (1/13/13) sumitta hudson will be out of town so the meditation will be abbreviated and led by me and there will be an extention of the yoga BASICS by 30 minutes. it’s a trade off! yoga BASICS from 9:15am until 10:30am and then meditation will immediately follow, lasting until 11:00am.

enjoy your evening.

Hello world!

Welcome…and finally a virtual space other than FACEBOOK for those of you who chose not to venture there for information on the studio.  I would like to thank all who have been consistently patronizing the studio and those who continue to do so in other ways as well, by the continuous method of referral.  The secret is getting out there and for a new little hole-in-the-wall venue, this is a lifeline!  So you have my RESOUNDING and humble gratitude and it is my hope that the studio will have some small growing pains this coming month which will facilitate some guest teachers in order to expand your yogic appetites.

January’s special is for new students to the studio…two weeks for $20.00.  Stop in or call for details at 412.407.3344 or email the studio at–and very last case, message the studio page on FACEBOOK.

So again, thank you and hopefully this will be a better tool for most.